Consolidated Statement of Recoginzed Income and Expense

Consolidated statement of recognized income and expense posted directly to equity* for the three months ended March 31, 2007
IFRS, unaudited

€ thousands Q1 2007 Q1 2006
Currency translation differences -2,809 -5,426
Net gain/loss from fair value measurement of financial instruments
not recognized in income
-37 101
Net gain/loss from fair value measurement of net investments
in foreign operations not recognized in income
919 2,254
Total income and expense directly recognized in equity -1,927 -3,071
Net income for the period ( from P&L ) 17,773 14,416
Total recognized income and expense 15,846 11,345

* These valuation impacts are posted directly to equity and are therefore not recognized as a part of the P&L statement

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