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Integrate 2 Innovate

To be able to integrate everything with everything opens up doors for innovation - faster

An integration platform is not something you invest in every day. Such an investment will underpin many years of innovation and encounter numerous scenarios such as company mergers, outsourcing, new business partners, a growing number of systems based on different technologies, and more. It is difficult to predict what the needs will look like in 1, 5, or 10 years from now, but surely one can expect an increasing number of interfaces to cloud solutions, mobile devices, and an increasing quantity of data streams /big data from for example social media. Amid all this the organization must remain ONE strong unit where everyone needs access to the same information, but in a variety of formats.

Our vision is to support the development of efficient and agile companies, and to facilitate innovation. It has to be easy to work smart. It has to be easy to align company resources to innovate, to detect new business opportunities and to be super efficient. Fast, flexible, traceable, automated. This also supports the success of your digital strategies and creates innovative competitive advantages, both today and tomorrow.

What do we mean by "integrate everything with everything”? Is that really necessary? No, of course not, but the possibilities to be able to do so removes restrictions that might arise when facing new business needs of integration. We're talking about aligning both internal and external systems, on-premises as well as in the cloud, no matter how many there are no matter what technologies they are based on. The enterprise becomes ONE strong unit, where efficiency and “one point of truth” is a reality.

We are one of the world’s largest players in the integration field.
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webMethods glues enterprises together into ONE strong unit.
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  • • Integrate everything with everything
  • • Innovate faster
  • • Reduce costs and risks

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