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webMethods 9.10:

Agility for the Digital Enterprise

webMethods 9.10 represents significant enhancements to Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. Digital Enterprises gain an extensible, scalable and reliable integration backbone—running either in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid scenarios. The platform provides seamless integration for technologies such as cloud, mobile, APIs and the Internet of Things, and streamlines process management and agile application development. Specific features span:


Automatic creation of OData-provider API, Swagger-based REST API descriptors, OpenID connect to OAuth providers, webMethods OneData elastic search functionality, payload encryption in Trading Networks, and visual comparison and merging of Integration Server assets in Designer.

API Management

webMethods API-Portal API consumption dashboards, collaboration functionality along with CentraSite's usability enhancements and improved robustness for access token enforcement configuration as well as enhanced Swagger support.

webMethods Business Process Management Suite 

Business console personalization, ready-to-use mobile client for Business Console, enhanced EML data entity and service modeling, decision-tree support for Business Rules, and custom dashboards next to out-of-the-box CLA process dashboards.

Operational Intelligence

Optimize for Infrastructure supports self-debugging and diagnostics, Universal Messaging clusters, enhanced MashZone NextGen and webMethods EntireX monitoring. Root-cause analysis in Software AG Process Performance Manager (PPM), import and manipulation of business data from webMethods Optimize to PPM, and common representation of business data in processes.

webMethods Suite

Command Central supports automated orchestration of migration utilities, self-upgrade and mirror repositories for fixes and Kerberos authentication for REST services in Integration Server. 

webMethods Integration Cloud

webMethods Integration Cloud provides enhancements for complex orchestrations as well as several new cloud connectors. 

webMethods AgileApps Cloud

A new data center for webMethods AgileApps Cloud has been set up in Europe. The webMethods AgileApps Platform is now supported by the Amazon® MySQL RDS (Relational Database Service) and supports encryption. AgileApps Cloud has also been integrated with Microsoft® AZURE™ Cloud to enable single sign-on. AgileApps Cloud now supports any CMIS-enabled Content Management Server, offering the flexibility to choose either the internal AgileApps file system-based repository or an external CMS repository for any file and image fields in the object and attachments in the object records.

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