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Customer Briefing Center

Experience the Digital Enterprise.

Customer Briefing Center


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Get up-close and hands-on at the Customer Briefing Center.

Explore your future as a Digital Enterprise. Visit the Customer Briefing Center (CBC) at the open and contemporary campus of Software AG headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Your day will be customized to your goals—your unique road to the Digital Enterprise. Every aspect will be coordinated by our professional team.

In one day, you can experience:

  • The latest innovations for intelligent business operations, IT portfolio management, business process analysis, integration and much more
  • Personalized discussions with technology experts on your unique challenges
  • An event that makes your time at the center productive and relevant

Get up-close and hands-on with technology that can help you achieve solutions you didn’t think were possible before.

Schedule a visit by contacting your Software AG representative or email CBC-HQ@softwareag.com.

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