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Brainstorm: An innovative way to contribute ideas to the development of Software AG products

Software AG has recently launched a new upgrade to its customer and partner collaboration site, Brainstorm. The site has become a critical player in product evolution and a way of featuring the voice of the customer in the company’s future planning.

Post, Vote or Comment

The new Brainstorm site provides an exciting community site for Software AG customers, partners and employees. It enables users to post suggestions and ideas for new products or features, along with the facility to vote and comment on current suggestions. The site is clear and simple to use and provides a secure environment available only to customers and partners for collaboration.

Justin Vaughan-Brown is Senior Director Product Marketing for Software AG and has been leading improvements to the latest version Brainstorm. He believes that Brainstorm will attract increasing numbers of users: “This is a unique opportunity for customers and partners to get involved in innovation – where their ideas and opinions help shape our future product development and service improvements as well as influencing overall product direction.” 


How it works
The home page of the site offers users an immediate choice: to post a new suggestion, vote on an existing proposal or to add comments. There is a list of current proposals to browse and an opportunity to join in a conversation thread.  Software AG product managers are alerted to postings relating to their own products and monitor the results of polling on requested features or improvement ideas. In this way, they can test the water and gain valuable feedback on priority and direction.  Brainstorm has become a critical facility within the user community focusing, as it does, on the voice of the customer and will speed-up the development and continuous improvement of Software AG products.

Latest improvements

The most recent upgrade to the Brainstorm site features a number of improvements:

  • Product manger alerts – all entries relating to a particular product immediately send out alerts to product managers so that they are able to keep track of suggestions and prioritise development to reflect the importance given to them by users through poll results.

  • Elimination of duplication – when a user enters a new idea or improvement suggestion an immediate search will indicate whether it is unique or duplicates a previous entry.

  • More relevant search – users can enter information about their own setup and choose to search by product, feature or suggestion. This ensures their results are more relevant, more quickly.

Exploring Brainstorm

Software AG customers and partners have been provided with a unique and exciting opportunity to influence the future product development. Brainstorm itself will continue to evolve as users air their views and new functionality is added. Those who have yet to explore the benefits can apply for a log-in password and username by contacting brainstormquestions@softwareag.com. There are also simple guidelines available to help new users get up and running very rapidly. Access to the site is at http://brainstorm.softwareag.com

To discuss this article or for further information please contact charlie.cotterill@softwareag.co.uk.

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