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Optimize for infrastructure

Optimize: A single view for monitoring IT Infrastructure performance

Currently, companies must write or purchase several monitor programs to gather statistical data to evaluate the performance of Software AG products. They use this data to improve their processes. Software AG and other vendors offer single monitor software on the mainframe—such as Review, Adabas Statistic Facility, Adabas Online System, Adabas Event Replicator Subsystem, Apas/Insight, System Management Hub, and Trim.

Some may find it awkward to get performance data from a green screen on the mainframe and then switch over to the PC for additional information on Windows based Software AG products. For example, if you monitor Event Replication for Adabas on the mainframe, you must close the Adabas Event Replicator Subsystem screen and open the Adabas Online System screen to get additional information for the same product.

Last year, Software AG introduced its new tool: Optimize for Infrastructure: the Mainframe Edition. For many years, webMethods has used its Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool, which includes Optimize for Process, Optimize for SAP, and Optimize for B2B. After the merger with webMethods, Software AG updated and improved the existing Optimize product for monitoring its enterprise products in real-time. This tool is UNIX or Windows based and collects data from Software AG’s products such as Adabas, EntireX, Event Replicator for Adabas, Adabas Delta Save, Natural, Entire Net-Work and Adabas Fastpath.

The benefit of this solution is that you can observe your performance data from a single Web-based dashboard by means of a standard web browser.


The Software AG products Adabas, Event Replicator for Adabas, Complete, Entire Net-Work, Natural, Entire System Server, ApplinX and EntireX are already equipped with ‘hooks’ to get performance data if the latest versions are installed. In some cases, small system modifications (ZAPs) might be required.

One or more special Natural RPC servers on the mainframe (Data Collector) are necessary to collect the data from the above-mentioned products…through EntireX Broker (webMethods Server)…to a JMS Queue…and on to the Analytic Engine for interpretation and application of KPI rules. The Analytic Engine stores the data into a relational database.

For example, a batch Natural RPC server monitors all global Natural components; a CICS Natural RPC server monitors in general only local environment-specific Natural components. If EntireX Broker is not available on one of the monitored platforms, the EntireX Broker stubs (EntireX Mini Runtime) must be installed.

Optimize for Infrastructure comes with more than 600 predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which can be selected and activated to collect the data you want to monitor and analyse. You can also create rules, send predefined alerts or start activities by using Web services.

In addition to the data collection, Optimize implementation performs other main functions such as data communication, data processing and analysis, data storage and data presentation.


After you run the discovery process to ascertain the products running in your environment, select product-instances and KPIs you want to see, you can monitor the KPIs and display details.



With a single monitor, you save time monitoring Software AG environments. Changes in existing monitor tools will make it possible to collect performance information from existing tools and enable its analysis with new KPIs. Over time, Software AG plans to add more functions to Optimize for Infrastructure to better enable users to establish for example, the cause of a long running transaction and database timeouts.

To discuss this article or for further information please contact charlie.cotterill@softwareag.co.uk.

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