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KPI & Process Discovery Workshop

Overview | SOA Adoption Accelerator | KPI & Process Discovery Workshop

In a three- to four-day engagement, an expert team from Software AG will work with you onsite to start building a bridge between longer-term strategies and tactical execution. The team identifies the “one big thing” to be accomplished over the next three to six months and defines a common thematic goal supported by detailed objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The workshop addresses and analyzes typical key issues, such as:

  • Finding the right balance between quick wins and strategy realization
  • Managing complexity of data, system integration and tools
  • Discovering and understanding processes within your IT landscape
  • Effectively increasing or augmenting skills and expertise
  • Managing programs within and across organizational boundaries
  • Managing expectations

As a result of the workshop, you’ll receive a performance-driven roadmap that outlines your individual improvement path and identifies which KPI to focus on first. The roadmap describes how to align activities, assess and tune performance, and model and modify processes. The roadmap includes:

  • The most important KPI for your initiative
  • An agile program plan addressing key issues
  • A clear definition of roles and responsibilities within the program

Once you've selected your most valuable KPI, Software AG Global Consulting Services helps you understand the real-time status of the KPI with our "Measure First" service offering. With Measure First, you'll determine the related KPI metrics that are most critical to your business. Based on real data, you'll know exactly where optimizations for your IT and business architectures will benefit your enterprise the most.

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