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Big Data Education Package




The Big Data Education Package (BDEP) is a free, self-explanatory case study that teaches its participants how to efficiently process extremely large and complex data sets using Software AG products. The package has a ready-to-use scenario including a data volume of 50 million datasets, which is not only realistic, but comprehendible. It’s a playground where students can use industry leading tools for In-Memory Data Storage, Data Messaging and Complex Event Processing. Students using this package understand that data isn’t just a pile of numbers, but instead valuable information.

Students and Faculty


The Big Data Education package takes approximately 12 weeks, provided the user spends 90 minutes per week working on the package.

Self-Explanatory Environment

All required software is either pre-installed or pre-configured. If the user does need to manually install the program, this process will be explained in detail and can be performed by any user with administrator rights.

Training Material and Scenario

The University Relations Team offers free training material, along with a complete scenario to follow, and other valuable resources. Resources related to the Big Data Education Package can be found in our TECHcommunity.

Students and Faculty Right

Free of charge

The Big Data Education Package is available free of charge for research and education purposes.


The University Relations Team offers a variety of opportunities to review and discuss issues if needed, such as a forum, a blog, documentation and a FAQ page. However, the University Relations Team does not provide personal support for this free-of-charge offering.


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