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Shares / dividends

General meeting

The Company

Corporate Governance

Shares / dividends

1. What is Software AG’s shareholder structure like?
Software AG has a free float of 70%. The remaining 29% belongs to the Software AG Stiftung foundation and 1% is held by Software AG. For more information on the shareholder structure, please click here.

2. When did Software AG first go public?
Software AG went public on April 26, 1999. The stock’s issuing price was €30.

3. Where is Software AG stock traded?
Software AG stock is traded in Germany, on the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

4. In which indexes is Software AG represented?
Software AG stock is represented in the TecDAX, the CDAX, the HDAX, the Prime All Share index, the Technology All Share index, and the German Entrepreneurial Index.

5. Where can I get information about Software AG stock trends?
On the Stock section of our website, you will find current price information along with the opportunity to download historical prices.

6. How can I acquire Software AG shares?
You can buy Software AG stock from your custodian bank, a broker, or from any institution that offers such brokerage services. All you need is a custody account where the stocks can be registered. You can get your buy order wherever your account is held.

7. How many shares are outstanding?
As per end of May, 2010, there are 28,716,061 outstanding shares.

8. How much equity capital is there currently, and how is it distributed?
As of May 26, 2010, the equity capital is € 86,148,183, divided into 28,716,061 bearer shares.

9. How high were the previous dividends?
Thus far, the following dividends have been distributed:

Fiscal yearDividends per share

 General meeting

1. When and where will the next general meeting take place?
Software AG’s next general meeting will take place on May 5, 2011 in Darmstadt. For more information on this topic, please click here.

2. Can all shareholders participate in the general meeting?
According to corporate law, the general meeting is a joint-stock company’s highest institution. All of a company’s shareholders are entitled to participate in the general meeting, provided that they can prove their ownership of the stock by a certain deadline and they register on time.

3. How and where can shareholders register for the general meeting?
Before the general meeting, the shareholders receive an invitation to the general meeting, along with the day’s agenda, through their custodian bank. With an enclosed response sheet, the shareholders can authorize their bank to manage their voting rights, or they can request an admission ticket for themselves or a representative at their custodian bank.

4. What should shareholders do if they register on time for the general meeting but do not receive an admission ticket?
Shareholders who have registered on time but do not receive their ticket (because it may have gotten lost in the mail, for example) can nevertheless attend the general meeting. All registered shareholders are included in the registration list, which is checked on site at the general meeting. A replacement ticket is then issued, entitling the shareholder to participate in the meeting.

5. Is it permissible to leave the general meeting for a short time and return later?
All shareholders and shareholder representatives are asked not to leave the area where the meeting is being held during voting.

6. Is the venue handicapped-accessible?
The conference center in Darmstadt is equipped to serve individuals with handicaps.

7. Can shareholders also transfer their voting rights during the general meeting?
The right to vote can be exercised by an agent, for example a credit institution or an association of shareholders. In addition we offer to our shareholders the option of being represented during voting by voting rights representatives appointed by the company. In this case the following applies: The voting rights representatives are obligated to exercise the right to vote only in accordance with expressly given instructions. Shareholders who want to grant a proxy to the voting rights representatives appointed by the company can request from their custodian bank an admission ticket which includes the documents for granting the proxy and issuing instructions. The shareholder must grant the proxy in writing by submitting the filled-out authorization form and providing blanket instructions or instructions on the individual items on the agenda.

8. Will the general meeting be broadcast on the Internet?
Our bylaws allow this to be done for the entire meeting. So far, only the speeches of the CEO and the CFO have been broadcast live on the Internet.

9. How do you file a counter motion?
According to §126 "AktG" (Germany’s Joint Stock Corporation Act), Shareholders can file a counter motion against a proposal of the board or the supervisory board for a certain item on the agenda. Such a counter motion must be sent to a company address that is provided with the invitation to the general meeting at the latest two weeks before the day of the general meeting.

10. Is there a complete set of minutes or a video or audio recording of the general meeting for shareholders?
There is no complete set of minutes or video or audio recording of the general meeting’s proceedings available.

11. Where can I find further information on the results of the voting at past general meetings?
You can find further information here.

The Company

1. When was Software AG founded?
Software AG was founded in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1969 by six young employees of consulting firm AIV (Institute of Applied Information Processing). One of the founders was Peter Schnell, who was later the longtime CEO.

2. In what areas is Software AG active?
Software AG is the global leader in business process excellence. Our 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-performance transactional database, Adabas; the first business process analysis platform, ARIS; and the first B2B server and SOA-based integration platform, webMethods.

We are unique in offering the world’s only end-to-end – and easiest to use – business process management (BPM) solutions, with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our industry-leading brands, ARIS, webMethods, Adabas, Natural and IDS Scheer Consulting, represent a unique portfolio for: process strategy, design, integration and control; SOA-based integration and data management; process-driven SAP implementation; and strategic process consulting and services.

3. What does "AG" in Software AG stand for?
"AG" stands for "Aktiengesellschaft" which means public limited company (plc.) and means that we are listed at the stock exchange.

4. Where can I find more information about Software AG’s board?
You can find more information about the board here.

5. How many employees does Software AG have?
As of September 30, 2010, Software AG employs 5,708 staff around the world.

6. What are the key figures?

Key figures (in € million IFRS)20092008
Total revenues847.4720.6
Product revenues580.5539.1
EPS4.92 €4.05 €
Free cash flow188.4133.4

7. Where is Software AG headquartered?
Software AG’s company headquarters are located in Darmstadt, Germany.

8. Who are Software AG’s biggest competitors?
Software AG’s biggest competitors include IBM, Oracle and Tibco.

9. Does Software AG’s fiscal year correspond to the calendar year?
Yes, Software AG’s fiscal year corresponds to the calendar year.

10. Which accounting regulations does Software AG use to prepare its balance sheets?
Software AG uses the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

11. When will Software AG publish the next quarterly numbers?
You can find more information about the publishing of quarterly numbers here.

12. Where can I find the latest financial news from Software AG?
You can find the latest financial news from Software AG here.

13. Where can I find financial statements and presentations from Software AG?
You can find Software AG’s financial statements and presentations here.

14. How can I order the latest annual or quarterly report?
You can order the latest annual or quarterly report here.

Corporate Governance

1. What does the Corporate Governance Code include?
The government commission assembled by the Federal Minister of Justice in September 2001 adopted the German Corporate Governance Code on February 26, 2002. This code is intended to make Germany’s corporate management and governance rules transparent for both domestic and international investors, thus strengthening trust in the management of German companies.

2. How is the subject of corporate governance being handled at Software AG?
Software AG places great value on good and responsible corporate management and, accordingly, it supports the German Corporate Governance Code. You can read the 2009 joint compliance statement from the board and the supervisory board here.

3. How is Software AG’s board remunerated?
Total remuneration for individual board members consists in a range of components (fixed sums, bonuses, long-term and other remuneration components). Approximately 2/3 of the remuneration is a performance-based variable that is primarily linked to the achievement of Software AG's revenue and profit objectives. You will find more information on board remuneration here.

4. How is Software AG’s advisory board remunerated?
The supervisory board's remuneration is set in the general meeting, and is based on the duties and responsibilities of the individual members of the supervisory board as well as on the company's financial success. You will find more information on supervisory board remuneration here.

5. Does Software AG have a compliance statement?
You can read the 2009 joint compliance statement from the board and the supervisory board here.