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Cloud Integration

Easy options to fit your cloud integration strategy

webMethods CloudStreams


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What you can do with:

Cloud Integration

  • Integrate with cloud-based SaaS apps
  • Run on premises or as a cloud service
  • Configure new integrations or "lift & shift" to the cloud

Keep your Digital Enterprise agile with quick cloud integration. Choose from two options:

With webMethods CloudStreams, you can quickly and securely link SaaS apps and on-premises systems. Rapidly build custom integrations with other cloud-based applications. Then, monitor and manage these integrations using actionable analytics.

With webMethods Integration Cloud, configure and run your integrations entirely in the cloud. Use our easy browser-based UI to design and run new integrations. Or, "lift & shift" existing webMethods integrations to Software AG's cloud. Try it for free.

Used for:
integrating SaaS with other SaaS applications; integrating SaaS with on-premises applications; managing and monitoring SaaS API consumption; deploying existing integrations to the cloud to support a broad cloud strategy across your organization


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