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webMethods Mobile Suite

Develop, deploy, secure & manage mobile apps.


Feature Benefit
Integrate apps with your corporate & back-end systems
  • Integrate with and provide easy access to the webMethods ESB

  • Extend webMethods BPM processes to mobile devices in minutes (watch video)

  • Re-use existing organizational authentication models for mobile

  • Re-use webMethods Adapters within mobile application to access corporate systems, such as SAP, Salesforce.com® and mainframes

  • Read about webMethods Mobile BPM

Develop apps for all devices across different mobile platforms
  • Develop with ONE single codebase

  • Use of Java® enables you to tap into the large pool of Java developers

  • Maintain multiple platforms easily

  • Enable individual management of data security on devices

  • Read the webMethods Mobile Suite fact sheet

Meet user expectations with high-performance native or hybrid applications
  • Provide best user experience with native applications

  • Make use of built-in capabilities of mobile devices (such as geolocation and camera)

  • Distribute your apps through public or an internal enterprise app store

Ensure security of data and services
  • Apply security policies to your applications with one click

  • Apply individual access rights for mobile apps

  • Protect customer and business data on devices

  • Easily implement DMZ-based authentication

  • Encrypt data on devices in native apps

  • Encrypt communication between devices and enterprise back-ends

Manage complexity of mobile platforms in your enterprise
  • Enterprise App Store for internal app distribution (including enterprise certificate management, crash report analytics and system logs)

  • Distribute apps and updates to specific mobile devices quickly and conveniently over-the-air

  • Run tests and scheduled builds

  • Manage hardware and certificates to build applications or build applications in the cloud

  • Analyze run-time statistics and monitor usage of your apps


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