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Australian webMethods User Group Meeting

10/14 - 10/14/2010

Melbourne, Australia

The most recent meeting of the Australian User Group was held in Melbourne on 14th October 2010.

Software AG’s recent acquisition of a world leading Business Process Analysis platform - ARIS - has changed the game for true Business and IT collaboration. With significant integration already in place, and more on the way, the combined webMethods / ARIS platform provides the first complete lifecycle, Model-to-Execution BPM technology. Simon Wrench explained this technology and the benefits it can deliver for existing webMethods customers.
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Also at this meeting Nino Ugonotti continued our Performance Tuning series and introduced and demonstrated tools that a webMethods Developer/Administrator could use to profile the performance of the various webMethods runtime components (Integration Server, My webMethods Server, etc).
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Date and time for next meeting will be advised shortly.