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Global Support Services

Fast, agile & proactive—dedicated to your success.

Enterprise Active Support: For Your Successful Digital Transformation

We’ll help: Services include:
Secure & accelerate your success
  • 24/7 phone support for ALL incidents

  • 24/7 access to Empower

  • Priority queuing of incidents and two-times faster reaction times

  • A resolution plan within first four hours for Crisis incidents

  • Multi-regional support to assist your distributed development and operations teams

  • Unlimited Authorized Technical Contacts to open new incidents

  • Register now for one-to-one Meet the Experts sessions on:

  •        - Adabas: Go-live planning

           - Adabas add-ons: Go-live planning

           - ARIS: Creating database repositories

           - Natural: Go-live planning

           - Terracotta: Configuring & sizing

           - webMethods: Understanding DB Configurator

Guide your success
  • Register now for the Performance.Ready Starter Kit, featuring best-practice process modeling conventions, industry overview models and process examples and KPI modeling examples

  • Register now for a customized training plan after a training needs assessment conducted by our experts

  • Request technical documents on topics like platform sizing and performance tuning and more

  • Register now for one-to-one Meet the Experts sessions on:

  •        - Adabas: Installation support

           - ARIS: Managing release cycles

           - ARIS: Using templates & reporting

           - ARIS: Configuring SSO/LDAP

           - ARIS: Security/server hardening

           - Natural: Installation support

           - Terracotta: Operations planning

Optimize your success

          - Adabas: Environment assessment

          - ARIS: Analyzing log files

          - ARIS: Load balancing/high availability

          - ARIS: User license administration

          - ARIS: Using model and semantic checks

          - Universal Messaging: Performance tuning

          - webMethods: Leveraging logging facilities

          - webMethods: Utilizing Tanuki Wrapper

  • Meet one-to-one with Software AG product management for a product roadmap review—register now

To learn more about these services, contact your Software AG representative or email EnterprisePremiumSupport@softwareag.com.


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