Sanjay Mandloi, Global IT Director, Innovation, Business Development & Global Deployments, Johnson & Johnson

Sanjay Mandloi

Sanjay Mandloi is a Chief Technologist, Chief Architect, Application Design & Development and an IT Operational Leader with over 20 years of experience in evolving business vision with deliverable technology results across several verticals. He has extensive knowledge in application development, infrastructure deployments, security, compliance and the lifecycle of IT operations. He has designed, built, developed and deployed enterprise level Global IT solutions in a constantly evolving regulatory environment across Fortune 50 companies. As a seasoned senior executive focused on top line growth & bottom line reduction Sanjay Mandloi is experienced in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunication and Technology verticals. He is focused on delivering results with a sense of urgency and managing expectations with executive management. His particular strength lies in finding emerging technologies that allow companies to innovate, increase productivity, reduce costs, digitize business processes and differentiate their products and services to create value