Terracotta CEO Predicts Big Data Trends for 2013

Big Data has been a hot topic throughout 2012. With 2013 fast approaching,  we sat down with Terracotta CEO Robin Gilthorpe to get his predictions for the top trends that will drive Big Data activity in the coming year. His top five predictions (explained in more detail in this video) are:

  1. Big Data has to be fast data. Enterprises will profit from Big Data intelligence in proportion to how quickly they can act on it.
  2. Rise of the hybrid cloud. It’s no longer about building your own platform; it’s more efficient to play in ecosystems.
  3. CIOs and CMOs get a lot closer. Marketing spend on technology is about to eclipse IT spend on technology.
  4. The Internet of things crosses the chasm. In just a few years, over 25 billion data-producing devices will be connected.
  5. Social becomes part of life’s fabric. Remember e-business departments? Social will permeate in the same way.

Where do you see Big Data heading in 2013?

Thank you Terracotta for allowing us to re-port this thought-provoking piece on Big Data trends for 2013. Visit the Real-time Big Data Blog to learn more. 

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