Here’s the Opportunity

In the beginning there were enterprise applications. And, they needed to connect to each other. Integration companies were created, and things were good.

The Integration OpportunityOver the last 20 years, integration grew to encompass more than just pure inter-connectivity. It grew to include: data, events, and processes. Integration vendors called the integration piece a “bus” and loaded the bus with MDM (Master Data Management), CEP (Complex Event Processing), and BPM (Business Process Management).

In the past 10 years technology evolved to make integration easier. On top of ease-of-integration, huge culture changes have influenced how we interact with technology. The first digital generation is hitting the workplace. Mobile and always-on behaviors are driven by consumers not workers. And, the implosion in the job market has caused a lot of deep changes in what people consider working.

These last 10 years have culminated in 3 or 4 major trends

  • Internet API’s make integration look easy
  • Everyone thinks they can learn to code and write a cool app
  • Social connectivity has redefined how we communicate
  • Cloud computing has put a lot of enterprise applications “in the cloud”

Here’s the opportunity.

Imagine that each of these SaaS/Cloud applications were those original enterprise applications. Only now, instead of connected across a corporate network, they’re connected across the Internet.

Now, picture the opportunity to rebuild the bus, data, events, & process integration stack internet-wide (with all the requisite changes that such an architecture demands).

Can I get a hallelujah?

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  • I could not agree more. ERP systems will be the center of a corporations data universe, but there will be many other applications inside the enterprise, associated with the enterprise or discrete from the enterprise who will need to access and update data if large firms are to become more effective and efficient. Integrating, securing and monitoring that universe is a huge opportunity.

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