Mobile & API’s are Two Sides of the Same Coin

I’m probably not connecting all the dots here, bear with me.

If you have a mobile strategy, you’re going to be using API’s.

It’s the “only way*” to support the breadth of devices to natively access corporate digital assets.

If you are already delivering API’s, and delivering them across different teams/businesses to enable a mobile strategy, why not just expose those same API’s to everyone and see what happens?

I’ll tell you what happens… people will solve problems.

IT will need to pivot.

IT’s job will become that of an enabler. Enable people to solve problems while protecting their company’s digital assets and ensuring business-critical applications remain going-concerns.

Think on this, it’s exciting.

*  It’s never the only way

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  • With the very fast pace of technology today, that is no surprise.
    In 2050, if the world is still alive, I couldn’t picture out what a computer or a phone looks like.

    Thanks for sharing this great resource.

    -Glenn Trufman

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