Do You Consider Yourself a Enterprise BPM Intellect?

Free Online Download Available With years of enterprise software experience, my fellow colleagues and I  traveled the world talking to customers, analysts, and thought leaders about their challenges realizing the true potential of Enterprise BPM initiatives. Through these many conversions, we learned  different implementation scenarios, cultural best practices, and project pitfalls which all became helpful information when writing the ‘Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM’. (free online download available) The book was designed to be a summary of what we learned from customers, partners, and analysts about the potential entry points to a process-driven organization. The potential starting points include:

We found that by sharing thoughts, experiences, questions and opinions, organizations were able to get their processes ‘out of the box’ and improve them enterprise wide. Let’s collaborate on the next chapters of the Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM, start by sharing your BPM best practices here.

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Joerg Klueckmann is head of Enterprise BPM at Software AG. He studied sociology, business administration and intercultural communication at FSU, Jena, Germany, and at Louisiana State University in the U.S., where he graduated with distinction. Prior to joining Software AG, Joerg was head of product marketing at Intershop and IDS Scheer. He has written numerous articles about business process management, business innovation and process intelligence.

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