Have You Enabled Social Collaboration?

BPM often focuses on automating standardized processes. But does automation overlook collaboration?  Open collaboration is a key element in realizing the full potential of process improvement. When it comes to social collaboration, BPM teams need to make sure that they do not follow the standardized BPM approach. To define the right approach for social collaboration, I did a bit of collaborating myself. I posed this question to peers and here’s what I learned:

  • Stay laser focused: Focus on people-centric processes and the benefits they deliver.
  • Make it a group effort: Ensure your project includes mass collaboration across departments and roles.
  • Connect the dots: Join together social initiatives. Extend what’s already working.
  • Socialize the benefits: Show people the value of being social and why it improves processes.
  • Define the ecosystem: Delegate the roles and responsibilities. Use Wikipedia’s collaboration and governance model as an example.

And most importantly, if you’re driving a social initiative you need to be social yourself. Collaborate with peers, share ideas on the job and have a little fun. Want to start getting social today? Check out the BPM ecard design contest the ARIS Community is running until December 14th. Draft an ecard and win one of five magnetic ARIS symbol sets. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a design idea, no matter if its a photo, graphic, text or an ARIS Express Model. Details here.

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