How to Make SOA a Boardroom Discussion

With SOA success stories being shared at analyst conferences, in customer conference rooms and even at your office water cooler, why are organizations still struggling to realize the full innovative power of SOA? With CIOs focused more and more on the business and less on less on technology, could it be that SOA is still considered just web services? Not according to these 2 organizations who are using SOA to improve our environment and increase customer loyalty.

EPAIncentives for Environmental Innovation: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a US federal agency has implemented a public registry called Reusable Component Services, a clearinghouse of over 1000 assets from several different sources. This ‘umbrella’ registry can be searched by developers for API’s that provide access to EPA’s vast data about the environment. And just like tech leaders such as Google, the EPA even hosts competitions that challenge developers to build innovative apps for the environment. Very cool!


Being Loyal Pays Off: Echo Entertainment is a hospitality, dining, nightlife & gaming group in Australia with over 18 million annual visitors. One of their key business objectives is to sign up ‘High Rollers’ visiting the casinos to their loyalty program. In order to achieve their objective, they equipped their employees on the casino floor with a mobile app that identified, in real time, un-carded high value clients who were playing in the vicinity! Under the covers, the mobile app combined live data from the gaming systems with backend data warehouse systems to report the results back to the floor staff. And get this – within the first week of rolling out the app, they signed up 50 high value clients to their loyalty program!

Now is that not considered ‘innovation’, worthy for the boardroom? You tell me.

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