Why is SOA so Misunderstood?

Over the years, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) has been both revered and maligned. It seems SOA is still in search of its rightful and respected place in some organizations. Is SOA dead? Certainly not. Misunderstood, yes. Let’s get the facts from the innovators who are achieving great things with SOA. Over the next few weeks, I’ll elaborate on the surprising and fascinating stories coming from the people who know SOA best – the people who have “been there and done that.” Here is a sampling of the topics based on tweets inspired by our customer conference (Process World).

  • SOA Misunderstood?#PW12 800 services with 111 interfaces with 6m invocations/month leading to 55% reduction in dev time! Tremend
    ous results at Avnet with #SOA
  • #PW12 Ayman Taha of Avnet says that SOA is “not a project” but a cultural change.
  • #PW12 I see a top Forrester analyst in the room! @Avnet’s session in room 2.
  • #PW12 Avnet wins the IT transformation award with #SOA helping streamline development processes. Congrats to Ayman Taha and team!
  • #PW12 Rob James, Echo – Innovation isn’t just technology but a perfect storm by combining business, people, ideas, technology!
  • #PW12 Echo entertainment wins the Innovation award for “Innovation”. Congrats to Rob James, CTO and his team!
  • #SOA is the foundation for mobile first strategy at Echo in Australia. “WebMethods was able to deliver” #PW12
  • “Like Starsky needed Hutch and Simon needed Garfunkel, BPM needed SOA.” #AfricanBank Perfect! #PW12
  • #PW12 EPA hosts developer challenge where they are invited to build new applications using EPA’s #API – Very cool! #SOA
  • #PW12 One of the requirements for EPA’s CentraSite implementation was to be one stop shop for developers #SOA
  • #PW12 Karl Heinz talks about #SOA based global integration that DHL implemented for optimizing its business #PW12

The reality is – SOA is alive and well all around the world. Think I’m just dreaming? Then pinch me (figuratively speaking!), by leaving a comment.


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  • Just like Ann Thomas Manes pointed out 3 years ago, with her widely controversial blog SOA is Dead, people got caught up in SOA’s promise. SOA is still a very critical foundation for SaaS, cloud and mashup applications. The agile architecture SOA was meant for is still very alive today and a critical prerequisite for rapid integration.

  • I have never been in an organization that was trying to implement SOA but I wouldn’t say that it is dead. For me, the complexity of SOA indicates that it is not a quick business solution. It will take time (probably at least three years), a dedicated team, and strong leadership. If the organization is not stable then SOA probably is not a good solution.

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