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The webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Platform helps you achieve business integration - faster.

The webMethods ESB Platform allows you to create a more agile enterprise while maximizing existing IT investments.  The webMethods ESB Platform enables businesses to move quickly to address changing market needs by building a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).  SOA provides your application developers a single standards-based platform to quickly and efficiently develop new applications while maximizing existing investments. The webMethods ESB includes all of the tools you need to integrate your existing applications and partners.

At its core, is the webMethods Integration Server, the foundation for your SOA and the webMethods Broker, a high-performance backbone for messaging and event-driven architecture.    

Enterprise Service Bus

The webMethods ESB Plaform uniquely combines proven application integration capabilities, high-speed messaging, support for B2B, legacy applications and event-driven technologies to create the most complete integration infrastructure available.


Achieve business results faster with Software AG
  • Create the foundation for your SOA with an enterprise-class ESB.
  • Support for open Internet and Web services standards (SOAP, WSDL, WS-I and more).
  • Choose from flexible connectivity options to connect to any type of system (JDBC, FTP, XML, JMS, Flat Files and more). 
  • Supports all integration patterns, including service-oriented, event-driven and enterprise application integration. 
  • Service enable legacy systems, back-end applications and databases using easy to configure adapters. 
  • Create, compose and orchestrate high value business services from many diverse sources.
  • Embrace and extend your existing IT investments.
  • Scale your environment for easy integration of systems and information as organization and data volumes grow. 
  • Secure transactions with standards based encryption and XML security specifications. 
  • Reduce application and data integration costs throughout SOA by simplifying and accelerating the process.  
  • Leverage a proven, scalable, reliable and mission-critical platform for your business.    

The webMethods ESB Platform is part of the Software AG Business Infrastructure Suite, helping companies to achieve business results – faster. Learn More.

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   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
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webMethods Enterprise Service Bus

Enable your SOA with standards-based integration of applications and Web Services.

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webMethods Enterprise Service Bus Platform

The foundation for smart businesses.