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With the webMethods Application Modernization Suite, you can build your bridge to SOA. Optimize your modernization initiatives by extending the value of core systems.

Your organization has made massive investments in building the core systems that have run your business for years. Nothing compares to the performance and reliability these valuable systems provide. As your business changes over time, the requirements on these systems continue to evolve. You can make the most of what you’ve got by building on those proven capabilities to meet new business needs. It’s all possible with the webMethods Application Modernization Suite.

We can help you speed up application modernization projects to transform core systems into modern and flexible business applications and processes while avoiding costly and risky rip-and-replace strategies.  Whether you need rapid tactical solutions, such as knowledge discovery, instant modernization of ‘green-screen’ application user interfaces or tight interaction between disparate applications, or strategic enterprise architecture solutions, such as implementing service-oriented or process-centric architectures - Software AG has the technology and experience to help you build a solution that fits your unique requirements today and won’t limit your capabilities moving forward.

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webMethods Application Modernization Discovery Edition

Products: For 3GLs and Natural applications

  • Jumpstart your application modernization projects with two Discovery Editions to quickly analyze and document complex applications and prepare code for service-enablement.
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webMethods Application Modernization Web Edition

Product: webMethods ApplinX

  • Extends the reach of core systems to the Web by modernizing existing user interfaces.
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webMethods Application Modernization SQL Edition

Product: webMethods ConnecX Adapters

  • Integrates enterprise data seamlessly with existing and new applications by providing real-time, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational data sources.
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webMethods Application Modernization SOA Edition

Products: webMethods ApplinX, webMethods EntireX, webMethods Enterprise Service Bus, CentraSite

  • Extends core systems for use in an SOA by exposing existing IT assets as new services and enabling core systems to leverage any service.
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Achieve business results faster with Software AG
  • Gain a deep understanding of complex applications – fast! 
  • Isolate proven business logic into re-usable components for use in an SOA. 
  • Identify and harvest business rules to support BPM initiatives. 
  • Accelerate delivery of new Web applications in just a few days or weeks.  
  • Provide a unified view of enterprise data to streamline decision making.
  • Transform existing applications into high-value business services to quickly populate an SOA.
  • Connect diverse technologies like Web services, EDI and B2B systems without disrupting systems.
  • Leverage core assets in a process-centric business environment so you can quickly adapt to new market conditions

Our Application Modernization solutions utilize the Software AG Business Infrastructure Suite, enabling organizations to achieve business results – faster. Learn More.

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