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webMethods Application Modernization SQL edition is ideal for your modernization projects. You'll gain a real-time single view of data so you can make decisions - faster.

The webMethods Application Modernization SQL Edition enables the seamless integration of your valuable enterprise-wide data by providing real-time, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational data sources.

Using webMethods ConnecX Adapters, you can obtain a unified view of enterprise and mainframe data seamlessly from within applications, Web services, data warehouses and SOA environments. This ultimately empowers end-users to access all enterprise data as if it were stored in a single relational database.

With the webMethods Application Modernization SQL Edition, your end-users gain the freedom to choose the development, business intelligence and reporting tools that best meet their business needs. End-users get the information they need without hassles, and query times are optimized across all data sources—satisfying even demanding end-users.

Additionally, business processes that leverage enterprise integration backbones, such as an Enterprise Service Bus, can now gain access to non-relational and relational databases through a standard SQL interface.

Achieve business results faster with Software AG
  • Improve decision-making by providing a real-time, unified view of enterprise data.
  • Avoid complex and costly data integration scenarios.
  • Empower the end-users by giving them the freedom to choose and use the tools that fit their needs.
  • Have confidence in a data integration solution that scales to meet peak workload requirements.

What it does
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webMethods ConnecX Adapters
Enables the seamless integration of enterprise data with existing and new applications by providing real-time, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational data sources

• Improve decision-making – with a unified view of data from one or more non-relational and relational databases when and where it’s needed.
• Assure standards-based access — with supports for industry access standards including: SQL, ODBC, ADO/OLE DB, .NET and JDBC.
• Scale easily — to meet business needs during standard and peak periods.
• Optimize response times — provide a consistent and reliable level of service to end-users.

For our Adabas & Natural Customers, there’s also:

Adabas SQL Gateway

Provides access to Adabas data quickly using standard SQL-based applications, data warehouses or reporting tools• Work smarter — deliver time-sensitive data to the user’s desktop, no matter where the data resides.
• Boost productivity — business users can get the information they need, without depending on IT personnel.
Washington State University
SQL & Web Service Access
Natural SQL Gateway
Provides access from mainframe (z/OS) Natural applications to open-systems SQL databases (DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server); supports data integration initiatives; enables you to re-use existing Natural DB2 programs to access any RDBMS from the same Natural program• Enhance data integration capabilities.
• Save development time.
Natural SQL Gateway Fact Sheet
Entire Access
Enables direct interaction between Natural and any relational database on open systems platforms• Simplify development efforts.Natural Fact Sheet
SQL Access

Our Application Modernization solutions utilize the Software AG Business Infrastructure Suite, enabling organizations to achieve business results – faster. Learn More.

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Legacy Modernization's five-year ROI of 331% surpasses ‘rip & replace’ in an independent study.

The Total Economic Impact of Maintaining Adabas and Natural

Legacy Modernization's five-year ROI of 331% surpasses ‘rip & replace’ in an independent study.