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webMethods Application Modernization Web Edition turns 'green screens' into Web interfaces – fast - as you build your bridge to SOA.

Featuring powerful capabilities from webMethods ApplinX, the webMethods Application Modernization Web Edition provides users with the ability to turn existing ‘green screens’ into Web interfaces automatically and “on the fly.”

Powerful transformation and customization options ensure a true Web look and feel in record time -- and without even touching existing applications. Taking applications to the Web can be done in as little as a few days. Project costs and risks are dramatically reduced since no source code is changed.

In addition, the Web Edition provides a single environment for modernizing a variety of ‘green screen’ applications running on mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX platforms.

Achieve business results faster with Software AG
  • Deliver new applications to your business quickly by accelerating the delivery of existing application functionality to the Web.
  • Modernize ‘green-screen’ user interfaces in record time.
  • Transform green screens to Web interfaces “on the fly”.
  • Aggregate multiple screens into a single Web page, streamlining workflow and eliminating time-consuming and error-prone ‘green screen’ transitions.


What it does

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webMethods ApplinX
Provides the ability to extend the reach of core systems to the Web by modernizing existing user interfaces

• Optimized Workplace Efficiency: Improves end-user experience and productivity.
• Low-Risk, Non-Invasive: Accelerates delivery of new Web applications to remote end-users, customers and partners – in just a few days or weeks.
• One platform meets all Web enablement needs: Converts existing ‘green screens’ into Web interfaces automatically and “on the fly”, and combines multiple screens into a single Web page—streamlining user workflow and eliminating time-consuming, error-prone steps.

American Fidelity Assurance
New York Department of Buildings
The Treasury Department of Puerto Rico
Tulsa County Government
For our Natural customers, there’s also Natural for AJAX
Provides Natural users on UNIX, Linux, Windows and mainframe platforms the ability to modernize existing ‘green screen’ applications

• Empowers Natural developers to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Eliminates need to have skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
• Low risk: Enables ‘green screen’ applications to be transformed into RIA applications without requiring restructuring of application code.
• Improved End-User Satisfaction: supports creation of Web applications that look and perform like robust desktop applications.

Natural for AJAX Fact Sheet

Our Application Modernization solutions utilizes the Software AG Business Infrastructure Suite, enabling organizations to achieve business results – faster. Learn More.

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Legacy Modernization's five-year ROI of 331% surpasses ‘rip & replace’ in an independent study.

The Total Economic Impact of Maintaining Adabas and Natural

Legacy Modernization's five-year ROI of 331% surpasses ‘rip & replace’ in an independent study.