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Discover with Software AG what an SOA can do for your organization

Organizations need to use IT as a key differentiator instead of seeing it as a cost center. SOA supports this by enabling:

  • Reuse of IT investments for new business initiatives
  • Increased user efficiency with modern user interfaces

To many organizations, SOA is a pure IT strategy. Only 20% of organizations in Europe and 22% in the US use SOA with an enterprise-level strategy. The reason behind this:
the benefits of SOA are diverse and hard to measure.

Software AG can help you determine if your organization is ready for the SOA challenge and the benefits you could obtain from it – faster!

SOA Technology Assessment

A quick and easy way to determine if your organization is technically ready for SOA. In 10 minutes or less, you can complete our free SOA Technology Assessment to:

  • Measure your SOA readiness in seven key areas
  • Compare your score to others who have taken the test
  • Learn recommended next steps to help assure your success with SOA
  • At no cost, you can get valuable insights on how you can improve your readiness in areas such as IT architecture, governance and business process improvement

See how you stack up against your peers! By taking the SOA Technology Assessment, you will get an overall readiness score to compare to scores of other organizations. You will also see where to focus your improvements.

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SOA Value Assessment 

Looking for an in-depth value analysis of SOA? Software AG commissioned Forrester Consulting to develop the SOA Value Assessment model using its proprietary Total Economic Impact™ methodology to determine the business value opportunities of SOA for an organization and the critical issues and questions that IT and business units need to address when implementing SOA. With the guidance of our SOA experts, you can:

  • Calculate the benefits of SOA
  • Find out where SOA could have the highest impact on your organization
  • Determine how well your current IT governance practices would support SOA in the long-run
  • Invest wisely in your organization

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The model helps decision makers navigate through the key areas of SOA business value:

SOA Value Assessment model

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How customers see us

“In the extremely competitive global transportation industry, the adoption of innovative technologies such as Software AG's CentraSite™ will, through better control and reusability, enable us to more quickly align ourselves with changing market dynamics and thereby provide the highest level of service to our customers”

Magnus Clarving
Manager Corporate- and Agents systems, 
SAS Airline IT