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Supply Chain Visibility

Optimize your supply chain—and your bottom line.

Know when, how and why across your supply chain:

  • • Instrument the process at key action points with end-to-end process monitoring, dashboards and alerts
  • • Intelligently detect and diagnose anomalies, enabling both real-time and right-time action, protecting your customers and your bottom line
  • • Get actionable knowledge and root-cause analysis for your supply chain activity

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Increase order reliability and responsiveness to customer requests
    • Avoid significant order management costs
  • Know how to improve processes
    • Understand where processes failed or succeeded
    • Promote best practices to global process levels based on statistical data rather than group consensus
    • Change your focus from constant “firefighting” to proactive customer service and process improvement
  • Leverage real-time data
    • Easily understand what exceptions are being managed, by whom and how long it is taking without querying workers
    • Conduct discussion leveraging real-time data with different managers around the globe
  • Enable growth
    • Efficiently manage larger quantities of orders without having to employ additional assets
  • Reduce costs and meet SLAs
    • Monitor real-time metrics to avoid high-cost fixes
    • Decrease costs of identifying exceptions by automating historical data for benchmarks
    • Identify problems early to avoid costly SLA violations and higher shipping costs

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