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ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager

Comply with confidence & manage risk.


Feature Benefits
Survey management
  • Conduct periodic or one-time surveys with predefined scores

  • Use it for survey only, self-assessment or audit questionnaire

  • Model questionnaire templates to generating surveys for specific subject groups

  • Track the progress of the responses and analyze the results at any time

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Issue management
  • Create issues for any problems and weaknesses

  • Action tracking helps ensure follow-up on every defined activity

  • Every issue is documented, from creation to completion

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Incident management
  • Use comprehensive workflow for incident management

  • Categorize incidents by specific criteria

  • Ready for Basel II and Solvency II

  • Trigger alarm if specified threshold values are reached

  • Identify new risks and integrate them in the risk management system

Control management
  • Manage enterprise-wide regulatory compliance

  • Save effort through regular updates from the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)

  • Build an efficient internal control system

  • Meet internal and external requirements

  • Save time through automated testing workflow and email notifications

  • Track all entries and changes via a seamless audit trail

  • Use escalation workflow for ineffective controls and to define responsibilities

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Policy management
  • Use fully integrated workflow for policy management and GRC management

  • Cross-reference policies with regulations, risks and processes

  • Establish a better culture of compliance and reduce risk

  • Map policies to business context with clearly defined responsibilities, affected processes, entities and more

  • Simply publish policies or request attestation from users

Regulatory change management
  • Trigger responsible personnel to perform and document review tasks

  • Manage required changes via an issue management workflow

  • Save effort through regular updates from the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)

  • Give top management a top-level view of the change process using dashboards

  • Quickly adapt to new laws and regulations

  • Demonstrate a complete audit trail

Read the fact sheet on Performance.Ready – GRC

Loss managenent
  • Distribute losses according to organizational units, processes, cost centers and IT systems

  • Compare losses with risk capital and improve risk evaluation

  • Meet Basel II and Solvency II requirements

  • Trigger alarms when thresholds are reached

  • Use historical data for risk evaluation

Operational risk management
  • Identify, document and reduce risk

  • Evaluate risks for financial impact and probability

  • Use risk assessment workflow with clear responsibilities and send email notifications

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Audit management
  • Manage paperwork and schedule audit-related tasks

  • Get support for time management and reporting

  • Manage the complete audit life cycle

  • Assure consistent information throughout the enterprise

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Monitoring & reporting
  • Provide seamless documentation of all compliance-related activities to external auditors

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of risk management, internal audit activities, and policy publishing and attestation

  • Verify every user, action and result, along with time and date

  • Generate evaluations of the current status of test cases or risk assessments at any time

Continuous monitoring
  • Respond in real-time to risk levels or control exceptions

  • Gain transparency into every single process and 100 percent data coverage

  • Trigger workflow tasks for immediate action automatically

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