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Solution Overview

Collaborate with suppliers and manage the entire supply process—from procurement through receipt.

Get your supply chain in sync:

  • • Connect to any supplier, regardless of size or technological capability
  • • Automatically identify and manage supply exceptions anywhere in the process
  • • Correlate global standards with location specific execution

Take control of your supply chain with Software AG

Obtain visibility, understand and comprehensively manage your entire supply process from sourcing through product receipt. Identify and automatically adjust for bill of material changes, regulation changes, marketing changes, procurement operations, supplier actions or any external event that impacts your supply chain.

Manage supplier impacts on your supply chain by increasing your visibility into supplier inventory, planned production, order fulfillment and shipment with a solution from Software AG.

Leverage a collaboration portal where suppliers post order, inventory and shipping updates as well as reviewing real-time performance metrics.

Automatic alerts let you know when an impending supply disruption is detected—in time for you to take action. Exceptions, three-way matching, guaranteed delivery of purchase orders, guaranteed receipt of advance shipping notices and guaranteed product receipt are all managed automatically.

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