Process Automation

How do you implement a real solution that supports business processes, end-to-end? We’ll help you make the connection.

With Enterprise BPM, there’s no disconnect between strategic objectives, designed business processes and IT execution. You get a strong methodology and governance, a mechanism that allows for iterative development and effective collaboration between business and IT. And, once your processes execute automatically, you’ll be sure they’re running on a high-performance platform that scales without limit.
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Enterprise BPM supports the creation of transparent, optimized and automated processes. You automate the right processes faster, and reduce errors and costs while improving business control. And, although business and IT will continue to have different perspectives on process models, they’ll come together thanks to a governed approach that coordinates their efforts.

From design to automation, Enterprise BPM helps you:
  • Translate business objectives into measurable operational activities
  • Get business & IT to collaborate on one model
  • Rapidly change process behavior
  • Create transparent, optimized and automated processes
  • Manage processes to deliver business value
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says ...

“The biggest benefit for our organization is that we implemented standardized processes across different agencies and different departments.”


See what Cox Communications says …

"Instead of reacting to problems, now we can start preventing problems before they happen.”


See what Baker-Hughes says…

“We shortened processing times, obtained traceable processes and a paperless work environment … we also improved overall sales, retention and transparency.”


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“The insight into our worldwide applications portfolio has improved dramatically, which has also enabled us to develop an all-embracing ICT strategy.”