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                See what truly connected enterprises can do

Thriving in a truly connected world

The more connected your business, the closer you are to being able to see, decide, act—and thrive. Take a look at these connected enterprises—our customer heroes—and learn from their transformation successes.

                    National Express drives into the future with Integration in the cloud

See how National Express transformed public transport with, creating a unified Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform for seamless customer journeys.

                    Maïsadour's Multicloud Integration Success with webMethods

Discover how Maïsadour revolutionized its IT with multicloud integration via webMethods, enhancing security and boosting operational efficiency.

                    TII “Move the World” – with

Discover how TII SCHEUERLE revolutionizes heavy-duty transport with webMethods' integration platform, enhancing data flow and IoT services.

                    Lojas Lebes: Multichannel customer experience

Explore Lojas Lebes' journey in creating a seamless multichannel customer experience, integrating diverse technologies for superior retail service.

                    Damen: Set sail for the future with simpler, faster, more secure integrations

Damen Shipyards, a global maritime leader, transformed operations with the webMethods integration suite, achieving secure hybrid integration, cutting build time, and driving successful ERP and platform rollouts.

                    Bonfiglioli: Shifting hybrid integration into a whole new gear with the right iPaaS

Bonfiglioli, a billion-dollar manufacturer, overcame IT challenges, embraced cloud-native solutions, created 130+ APIs, and more with

                    Connecting a global mining leader’s enterprise with hybrid (Azure) Cloud integration

Discover how a multinational mining company tackled ERP complexity, embraced the cloud, and standardized operations with webMethods Integration. Witness the power of seamless integration.

                    MM Service GmbH: Connecting Mission and Growth with Software AG's webMethods

Explore MM Service GmbH's mission to ensure the delivery of end-user products via effective packaging solutions.

Learn how Software AG helped to address challenges related to system communication and transparency, contributing to the company's growth.

                    Croatia Insurance: Seamless Integration with webMethods

Croatia Insurance turned to webMethods to break free from tightly coupled IT systems, enabling rapid integration and innovation.

Discover how the power of webMethods enhances operations, streamlines processes, and helps to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

                    Oriflame's Integration Journey with Software AG's webMethods

Explore Oriflame's mission of fulfilling dreams through their global network of independent beauty consultants in this engaging video.
Discover how they tackle integration challenges with the help of Software AG's webMethods, connecting with partners worldwide, including 80 banks and couriers

                    Medical Industrie GmbH & Co. KG

Read how Medical Industrie GmbH & Co. KG partnered with Software AG to optimize & streamline their B2B sales with seamless integration.

                    Open and secure API banking integration for the collaboration era

Bank Sinarmas uses Software AG's webMethods to harness microservices, comply with Indonesian Open-API Standards and exploit the opportunities of the ecosystem economy.

                    MUDUM Using APIs to Harness Insurance Ecosystem

Read how MUDUM chose Software AG's webMethods Integration Platform and API Management Gateway to harness the power of the API-driven ecosystem economy.

                    OCP opens up the fertilizer value chain with API Management

See how OCP Group, the world's leading producer and exporter of phosphate, used Software AG's API Management Platform to standardize their APIs.

                    Al Barid Bank puts digital at the heart of its strategy

Read about Al Barid Bank's digital transformation with Software AG and how the webMethods API Management platform strengthens its position as an inclusive bank.

                    Marsa Maroc optimizes port operations with webMethods

When Marsa Maroc looked to advance the digitalization of its business workflows, it turned to webMethods. Learn how integration helped this port operator optimize operations and become a more sustainable enterprise.

                    PharmLog: An integration platform for seamless pharma logistics

Learn why PharmLog chose Software AG’s webMethods as the integration platform solution that improves their overall efficiency and creates maximum transparency.

                    Lufthansa Technik AG: B2B integration to engage customers wherever they are

Discover how Lufthansa Technik AG built a B2B integration environment that standardized customer engagement and allowed for the quick, efficient, and secure management of a wide variety of global partners.

                    Socomec: Hybrid integration powers low voltage systems

One hybrid integration tool allowed Socomec to boost security, improve efficiency, and achieve total visibility over its business workflows.

                    Hellmann provides logistics with a future – by land, sea, and air

Hellmann is digitally positioned for future-proof logistics with webMethods which helped integrate more than 750 application interfaces and over 500 customers.

                    PACI: Unlocking the democratization of knowledge

Read how the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) leveraged Software AG’s ARIS & webMethods to help modernize & implement changes to benefit their users’ experience.

                    Australian Unity: Boosting customer wellbeing with open integration and API management

Australian Unity needed to unlock siloed data, connect legacy systems to the cloud, and create a central view of all customer data across all business units.

                    Komatsu: Moving mountains with hybrid integration

All business is becoming digital. See how the team at Komatsu tied together modern and legacy systems to create a “single source of truth” for B2B transactions.

                    Takko Holding: Open integration for a better customer experience

Read how Software AG’s webMethods’ integration platform solution that has successfully enabled Takko Holding to reach their goal of maximum connection with customers.

                    travelbasys: Unlocking an integrated central system with Software AG

Read how travelbasys has managed to adapt & grow with the industry, securing its place as a forerunner in tourism technology by using webMethods API Gateway.

                    Innovating at the edge of the desert

EFG Hermes Holding used integration to enable innovation and became more digitally agile for a better customer service experience.

                    API-led transformation success

How AXA Cooperative Insurance exposed data to improve visibility with brokers and customers—creating new business models and increasing revenue.

                    Linfox: Smarter logistics with customer-first integration

One of Linfox's key strategic drivers is “think customer.” Yet the Australia-based logistics company was spending up to 50 days onboarding new customers due to  incompatibility with vendors' systems. The solution was a new integration platform. 

                    CLAL: Building bridges to insurance partners

It has been a bumpy road for insurance companies in recent years. But they have navigated them by being able to find powerful external partners which they connect to seamless through a single, unified integration platform.

                    Video conferencing provider: Keeping workforces connected with

To offer seamless, unified workplace communications, integration is key. This provider of video conferencing solutions offers many of these integrations out of the box. For everything else, they use

                    Using integration to unlock new business models

Acting as a startup within the walls of one of the world’s biggest tech companies isn’t easy. It requires every system to work together without exception. That’s why this IT solutions provider uses webMethods to integrate everything.

                    Public hospital organization: Sharing data and saving lives with APIs

For Hong Kong’s public hospitals, sharing information is a matter of life and death. Data can help doctors make the right decisions, at the right time. But to deliver on this promise, Hong Kong's hospitals need to use APIs. webMethods helps make that happen.

                    Dürr: All in “One” infrastructure integration

The Dürr Group's consistent expansion and digitalization strategy has made it an Industry 4.0 leader. But it has also resulted in IT and integration complexity. Dürr needed to simplify to align with its OneDürrGroup strategy—using webMethods.

                    Carnival Cruise Line: Integrating fun with cruising

To deliver fun experiences for its cruisers, Carnival relies on integrated, reliable connections between many of its backend systems - on land and at sea. It's not always easy, but with webMethods it's smooth sailing.

                    Maccabi: Smarter healthcare during crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel's Maccabi Healthcare was ready to handle 80% of medical visits virtually. The secret? Good planning and a focus on modernizing its IT in advance using webMethods Integration.

                    Department of Seine-Maritime: Streamlining finance and HR

The main focus of the Department of Seine-Maritime (76) is on social action. But in order to serve its residents in need, the department needs to coordinate finances and HR for its 5,500+ employees. It chose webMethods to coordinate and manage these business processes.

                    A bigger, better, faster Digital Dubai

Over the past 20 years, Dubai has built a thriving and diversified economy around financial, investment and tourism. Dubai’s leadership recognized that it not only needed to invest in technology, but a government office to lead the effort—Digital Dubai. The new office quickly moved to reduce complexity and streamline backend communication and integration using webMethods. 

                    Truly connecting Digital Dubai

During the shutdown, investment in Dubai didn’t have to shut down. Since the city’s Digital Dubai had digitized the investor experience, they were able to continue moving forward, thanks to integrated services powered by Software AG's

                    BRI: Digitalizing microfinance in Indonesia

Bank Rakyat Indonesia is dedicated to providing loans to families and businesses in Indonesia - no matter how big or small. To do this, it didn't need more branches. It needed to go digital. To make sure all of its systems and data could work together, the bank selected webMethods.

                    Kiabi: Transforming retail even faster

To keep up in a fast fashion world requires even faster omnichannel solutions. For Kiabi, this was fueled by all-digital processes, seamlessly connected IT systems and partner-friendly APIs. Agility is in this season.

                    Foreach Brewing: Freeing up time to focus on their craft

As a craft brewery, you need to be able to focus on beer, not backend processes. Foreach Brewing turned to to integrate its systems and focus on what was really important for their business. Cheers.

                    Rewarding healthy decisions? There's an app for that

This Asian insurance giant wanted to rewards its members for making healthy decisions. They built and app, but to make it work they needed to connect to partners, fitness devices and internal systems. They used webMethods.

                    Software AG: Improving customer satisfaction

We used our own integration platform - - to give our sales and success managers 360-degree visibility into all customer interactions. So now if a customer has a question, it never gets stuck in a silo.

                    Hyundai: Driving up auto sales with integration

To manage its 750 car dealers, Beijing Hyundai Motors needs an easy way to keep track of its customers and auto inventory. The missing piece was an integration platform that could keep all their systems in sync.

                    Colruyt: Unveiling digital projects at speed

Colruyt launched its "mobile readiness" program in 2018, it relied on APIs to expose its data across devices and applications. But in order to do that, they needed to find a worry-free way to manage them.

                    Kallipr’s Smarter Water Management with Cumulocity IoT

Explore Kallipr's journey to smarter water management with Cumulocity IoT. See how innovative IoT solutions are driving savings and smarter decisions.

                    Industrial Analytics: Umicore's Success Story with TrendMiner

Discover how Umicore harnessed industrial analytics with TrendMiner for enhanced operational process stability and efficiency.

                    Sustainable Asset Management: How Solenis scaled intelligence with an IoT buy and build strategy

Global chemical supplier Solenis tackled IT migration & harnessed customer data with Cumulocity IoT, achieving growth, sustainability, & custom solutions in 5 months.

                    Opening up the IIoT ecosystem with cloud-agnostic intelligence

Kunbus pioneers IIoT with Revolution Pi. In partnership with Cumulocity IoT, they empower manufacturers, boost automation, and enhance energy efficiency.

                    Utonomy: Creating smart gas grids

Watch the video to see how Utonomy is making a real difference to utility companies and helping create a more sustainable future for all.

                    AiFlux: Innovating Industrial IoT Safety

AiFlux, partnered with Software AG, elevates industrial safety and productivity via IoT. Discover SiteFlux's 44 use cases empowering a sustainable future.

                    CURRENTA: Sustainability management and early leakage detection with TrendMiner

Read how CURRENTA enhances sustainability management at CHEMPARK using Software AG’s TrendMiner, a digital tool that detects early leakage.

                    Flexco: Industrial asset management gets IoT boost

Utilizing Flexco's highly successful Elevate solution, its customers are able to monitor their conveyor belt cleaning systems in harsh, hard to reach locations, predict when interventions are needed without having to send out expensive field inspection teams, and save money by optimizing production.

                    Mayekawa: Revolutionizing refrigeration with IIoT

Mayekawa uses Cumulocity IoT to bring IIoT solutions to customers, delivering improved efficiency and productivity through smart devices and real-time monitoring.

                    GeicoTaikisha Group: Smarter, Greener Paint Shop Operations

Geico delivered  smarter, greener auto body paint shops with Cumulocity Edge and  Streaming Analytics. Learn more about how it’s reducing costs for  customers using predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and more.

                    A1 Digital: Improving efficiency with industrial IoT insights 

Sustainability is a team effort. A1 Digital’s IoT solutions are helping its customer – and the A1 Group itself – to meet sustainability goals. In this video, learn how A1 Digital’s IoT solutions help tighten industrial processes and provide actionable industrial insights. 

                    Kemin: New IoT insights and services on the cloud 

Together with Software AG, Kemin is bringing its industrial application system to the cloud. In this video, learn how it is improving remote monitoring and building customer services with IoT.

                    Advanced analytics for the factory of the future

Ashland used TrendMiner to solve previously “unsolvable” problems using self-service industrial analytics, increasing production, and improving quality control and compliance.

                    Enerjisa Üretim: Powering insights into clean energy efficiency with TrendMiner

Read why Enerjisa Üretim chose Software AG’s TrendMiner which has enabled them to go from data visualization to data interrogation across multiple systems & sources.

                    Huntsman achieves analytics maturity and operational excellence

Our customer hero Huntsman applied self-service industrial data analytics technology to its production lines to create data-driven workflows for product quality monitoring.

                    Putting Data to Work for U.S. Manufacturers

Backed by the U.S. Department of Defense, MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the cybersecurity, expertise, and digital tools they need to progressively increase productivity and sharpen their competitive edge. Watch as MxD CEO, Berardino Baratta, explains how Cumulocity IoT takes previously inoperable data and makes it both accessible and actionable to members so they can make smarter decisions, faster.

                    Electric Racing Academy (ERA): real-time racing insights with Cumulocity IoT

Read how Electric Racing Academy (ERA) used Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform to provide racing insights to their drivers and team in real-time.

                    WAINS GmbH: Insect detection in the cloud—with Cumulocity IoT

Read how with traptice®, WAINS gives pest control companies a customized, smart solution based on Cumulocity IoT, Software AG’s IoT platform.

                    A1 Digital: Building a flexible IoT solution

A1 Digital helps its customers monitor and manage machines, facilities and fleets from a single, scalable platform. Solution Manager Christoph Marschall explains how Cumulocity IoT provides an open, flexible IoT platform that helps ensure that all devices and connectivity methods work together effortlessly.

                    Dürr: IIoT analytics revolutionizes the automotive painting industry

How Dürr uses Cumulocity IoT to help with powerful anomaly detection & predictive maintenance.

                    Nucleus3: Keeping water and data flowing across arid Australia

How Nucleus3 and the Australian water authorities used Cumulocity IoT, TrendMiner and webMethods to solve the country’s water problems.

                    Greenflex: Powering growth with scalable IoT

Greenflex uses IoT capabilities to helps its customers hit their sustainability goals by gathering and acting on data. But in order to add more connected devices quickly and at scale, it needed an IoT platform that could handle it. 

                    Perstorp: Fast, self-service data analytics

Perstorp was looking for a tool to unlock the value in its data. And free it from dependency on data scientists and cumbersome software. Enter TrendMiner. Now, all that data is accessible through an intuitive self-service interface. 

                    PRAB: A pro at connected products

By analyzing data from connected products at customer sites, PRAB knows how to improve product design and the customer experience. Discover how this U.S.-based manufacturer innovates and differentiates using the Cumulocity IoT platform.

                    Deutsche Telekom: “Cloud of Things” IoT

The Deutsche Telekom “Cloud of Things” IoT platform powered by Cumulocity IoT allows enterprises to improve the reliability of globally dispersed equipment rapidly and efficiently, markedly improve product innovation and seamlessly adopt new service-based business models.

                    logicline: Industry 4.0 out of the box

This IT consulting firm integrates machines using Cumulocity IoT to create a connected customer experience and offer customers a distinct advantage. assets360 is logicline’s modular system with proven tools for digitalizing service processes in the machinery and industrial equipment manufacturing industry.

                    SMC: Better decisions and more efficiency with Smart field analytics

SMC saw an opportunity to do more with the data coming from the sensors in its pneumatic air machines. Its customers now save time, money and resources by learning from ever piece of data.

                    Lanxess: Analytics lead to better processes

Need to optimize your processes? Learn how Lanxess in the chemical industry makes 100+ process improvements with the help of Software AG’s TrendMiner self-service industrial analytics. “We are actively using the software to solve problems and optimize our processes,” CDO Jörg Hellwig said. TrendMiner’s developed from the engineer’s point of view, so the staff likes it. “It’s so easy to use, they want to use it every day,” he said.

                    Bega Cheese: Optimizing  supply chain with IoT


Bega Cheese increases efficiency and improves visibility into the supply chain by using Cumulocity IoT. Real-time temperature and humidity data collected by sensors helps find trends and improve forecasting.

                    autosen: Delivering a turnkey IIoT solution

The full potential of IIoT in one box: That's the idea behind autosen’s io-key, which offers a fast and uncomplicated path to the cloud. The io-key delivers reliable real-time data analysis and control with innovative functionalities tailored to suit sensor technology. Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform makes that possible.

                    KMC Global: Connecting products with IIoT 

KMC Global has a new revenue stream and offers a value-added capability that makes its customers stronger competitors in a connected world. IIoT is an evolutionary change every manufacturer needs for survival, explained Larry West, KMC Global Sales and Automation Manager. 

                    CodeWrights: Making plants more productive 

Better safety for employees, better visibility for plant operators, higher efficiency and industry-leading reliability ... these are a few of benefits CodeWrights has experienced by using Cumulocity IoT.

                    STW: Cleaner London air, thanks to IoT

When the City of London wanted to create the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, STW was on the job with its customized and branded Cumulocity IoT platform. The results: better flexibility for London and better air for its residents.

                    QTRS: Protecting cargo 
with IoT monitoring

QTRS assures high equipment performance and protects against spoiled cargo by using the Cumulocity IoT platform for real-time monitoring of refrigeration units. Predictive maintenance keeps machines running well even in the hottest weather.

                    Göbecke Bakery: IoT smart social distancing

Christine Göbecke, owner of Göbecke Bakery in Germany, talks about smart social distancing on the Internet of Things. Her company uses Cumulocity IoT and Bluetooth® smart badges to ensure a safe workplace for employees during the pandemic.

                    SaaS Business Continuity Management – powered by ARIS for ARIS

Software AG’s ARIS business unit used its own tool to implement a BCM plan, achieving 5-star ISO 22301 certification. This ensured 24/7 service, enhanced resilience, and set a model for customer continuity solutions.

                    Assaray Trade & Investment Bank:Transforms Banking with ARIS

Assaray Trade & Investment Bank (ATIB) transformed digital banking in Libya with ARIS, mapping 220+ processes, improving transparency, and introducing online onboarding and an enhanced customer experience.

                    Sompo Seguros: Customer Satisfaction & Boosting Revenue & with ARIS

Learn how Sompo Seguros revolutionized customer satisfaction and revenue growth using Software AG’s ARIS. Read about their challenges and outcomes.

                    Unifying a diverse banking group with a single process management suit

Gruppo BCC Iccrea unified 115 banks with ARIS, mapping 148 processes and 17,000+ customizations, boosting transparency, compliance, and efficiency.

                    Nippon Signal Leverages S/4HANA Migration to Drive Digitalization with ARIS Process Mining

Nippon Signal uses ARIS Process Mining to overcome Digital Transformation hurdles and analyze causes for delays in sales process operation time.

                    Lojas Lebes: Multichannel customer experience

Explore Lojas Lebes' journey in creating a seamless multichannel customer experience, integrating diverse technologies for superior retail service.

                    Advania Norway: Bringing clarity and efficiency to post-merger business processes

Experience the power of ARIS with Advania Norway. See how post-merger they successfully were able to standardize contracts, reduce revenue leakage, enhance cybersecurity, and more.

                    Claro SA Enhances Customer Experience with ARIS

Discover how Claro SA revolutionized customer experience and process management using ARIS in the cloud, achieving operational efficiency and innovation.

                    ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG: Digital Railway Success with ARIS

Discover how ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG revolutionizes railways with ARIS, achieving remarkable efficiency, punctuality, and sustainability in their operations.

                    Process Excellence with ARIS: Hear from Our Customers

Unlock efficiency, save money, and drive profitability with ARIS. Watch now to transform your business processes.

                    Unlocking Sustainable Success: Encevo's Journey with ARIS Process Mining

Jan Ricken from Encevo discusses the key to becoming a sustainable company. Discover how they align with government goals for green energy production by 2030 and how ARIS process mining plays a pivotal role in accelerating their journey toward sustainability.

                    SOFSE: Modernizing Argentina Railways

SOFSE transforms Argentina's rail system with ARIS, integrating diverse lines and introducing a unified SUBE card for all transit. 

                    ITOCHU: Accelerating Digitalization of a Trading Company

ITOCHU used ARIS Enterprise to standardize their business procedures and increase efficiency through digitalization.

                    Fraport AG: Everything in focus with the ARIS specialists

Boost operational excellence using ARIS Enterprise for process optimization, efficiency, and transparency. Learn from Fraport AG's success - establish ISO 9001 certification, streamline workflows, and enhance decision support.

                    Dubai Health Authority: From process management to process maturity

Read how Dubai's Health Authority (DHA) used ARIS Enterprise to reach LEVEL 4 business process maturity, fostering a culture of excellence across the organization.

                    Aiwu: Agility for the snack food market – powered by process excellence

Aiwu created a single source of truth using effective business process management. Learn how it increased customer satisfaction 40% by putting better snacks on the market – faster.

                    Icatu Seguros: Life insurance in Latin America improved by robotic process automation (RPA)

Read why Icatu Segurus chose Software AG’s ARIS Enterprise for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to carry out customer-facing processes with speed & agility.

                    Flowserve: ARIS becoming a part of its DNA

Single source of truth leads to company-wide process visibility and transparency.

                    Ooredoo Qatar: Process optimization for true operational efficiency

Read how Ooredoo Qatar leveraged Software AG’s ARIS Enterprise to increase operational efficiency and enhance the stakeholder experience.

                    illicado: business process and risk & compliance management

Multi-brand gift card giant illicado took control of process, application, and workflow mapping and their risk & compliance management needs using ARIS.

                    Phoenix Pharma: Transparency into processes and risks 

As a leading pharmaceutical distributor, Phoenix Pharmahandel depends on reliability. In this video, see how ARIS helps the company stay on top of processes, manage risks and train new staff. 

                    Dutch Railways: Keeping quality on track with ARIS

To make sure its passengers can rely a rail system that is well maintained and always on time, Dutch Railways needs to maintain its ISO 9001 certification. ARIS brings together all process information – and as a result helps ensure compliance.

                    PACI: Unlocking the democratization of knowledge

Read how the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) leveraged Software AG’s ARIS & webMethods to help modernize & implement changes to benefit their users’ experience.

                    Belgium Prosecutor’s Office: Making the case for process mining

Sometimes following the right processes isn’t just a matter of efficiency. It is a matter of law. That’s why Belgium’s SPF Justice uses ARIS and ARIS Process Mining to make sure cases are handled the right way. 

                    Miltenyi Biotec: Process Optimization down to the tiniest cell

Read how ARIS Enterprise helped Miltenyi Biotec to optimize processes across the enterprise, boosting efficiency and transparency in a highly regulated environment

                    Fertile ground for sustainable growth: an SAP® process transformation

CENIBRA, a major producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp chose to use ARIS as an SAP solution to integrate everything seamlessly.

                    Housing company — Process excellence makes special housing possible

Read why Woonbedrijf chose Software AG’s ARIS Enterprise as a solution for process excellence making special housing possible.

                    EDHEC: Teaching process management with the leading industry tool

Read why EDHEC chose to use one of the world’s leading business process analysis (BPA) tools, Software AG’s ARIS. Learn more about ARIS’ features and benefits.

                    Operational banking excellence

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) roll out a new process architecture to set objectives that measure its operational excellence.

                    Huaqin Technology: Smarter products with ARIS

Smarter processes for even smarter devices—how process excellence transformed this company’s R&D.

                    Australian Government Organization: BPM for a better world

How an Australian Government Organization went from poor process transparency to end-to-end visibility—for a more equitable society.

                    Enzen: Better business models, better performance

Enzen works with utility companies to make energy and water accessible, affordable and sustainable to all. To do that, it needs to be able to build, document and share its innovative business model framework - using ARIS.

                    Software AG: A swifter sales cycle with process mining

We saw an opportunity to optimize our sales pipeline. Instead of forming hypotheses based on gut instinct, we needed a way to identify the root cause with certainty – and then establish a clear plan. The answer, we realized, was ARIS Process Mining.

                    PPC School: Modern teaching with ARIS

The Peter-Paul-Cahensly School knows how important integrating theory and practice is. That's why the school relies on ARIS to teach students business process modeling, visualization and optimization of business processes - just how they will see it in the real world.

                    PHOENIX group: Streamlining process management with ARIS

Process management is no small task when you operate in 27 highly regulated European markets. To become a digital enterprise, PHOENIX group knew that it couldn't manage processes using Word documents and other flat files. That is why PHOENIX chose ARIS.

                    Homegrown process management for ISO compliance

In 2014, we at Software AG decided to pursue ISO certification for quality management. We needed a simple way to demonstrate to auditors how our target processes unfold in real life. Luckily, the perfect tool was right there at our fingertips: ARIS.

                    Proximus: Digitizing Belgium’s premier telco with process management

Proximus’s journey to digital wasn’t easy. With a lot of IT systems and complex processes in place, success hinged on the ability to centralize, organize and systematize its processes. The Belgian telco chose ARIS.

                    OeKB Group: Managing risk with process excellence

No one understands risk in the Austrian financial market like OeKB. The financial and information services company recently chose ARIS to have a single source to manage risk and compliance as well as its processes. The result? Operational excellence that banks can trust.

                    Alicorp: Consolidating tech by 2025

Alicorp focuses on “Feeding the growth of tomorrow.” But with growth comes growing pains. The consumer goods giant needed to consolidate its technology sprawl, and needed a powerful process management solution to help manage it. They chose ARIS.

                    Şekerbank: Modernizing a rural bank

What started as a rural bank founded by beet farmers in Anatolia, Turkey has grown to serve 72% of the country's rural areas. But in order to compete with larger banks, it needed to modernize and offer digital services. To do this, they needed to transform their processes at the core.

                    Tesco: Becoming agile with process excellence

As the third-largest retailer in the world, it can be hard to pivot as quickly as smaller competitors. However, Tesco found a way by streamlining and clarifying their processes using ARIS.

                    Scaling to the global stage—with ARIS

As this US-based tech company grew its membership into the hundreds of millions, it outsourced key finance activities while staff recruitment kicked into overdrive. But this created a new challenge - limited process visibility. The solution? Mapping and processing processes on a single platform using ARIS.

                    Emirates NBD: Banking on operational excellence

When Emirates NBD began its global expansion, it needed to improve its efficiency, customer experience and regulatory agility. They used ARIS to create a single repository of process knowledge and establish standard operating procedures (SOPs).

                    BANCOR: Process-driven transformation

BANCOR has a rich history of promoting economic development in Argentina. But as the financial world went digital, BANCOR’s processes were stuck in the past - documented in cumbersome paper manuals, with little automation. They turned to ARIS for help.

                    Dubai: Better service visibility, better service delivery

Dubai Municipality needed to updates its services to meet the rising demand of expatriat growth to maintain Dubai’s reputation as a world-class place to live. They turned to a world-class business process management solution to make that happen.

                    BRC: Sorting out processes with ARIS

When BRC needed to keep its processes straight across 8,000 documents, it turned to ARIS. The result is a 50% increase in process efficiency.

                    Suva: Insurance at the forefront of digitalization

Some 1.2 million accidents claims are filed each year, which is no trivial matter when it comes to process management. But it's no accident that Suva chose ARIS as their process partner.

                    Airbus: Taking flight with process excellence

Airbus Defence and Space requires precision in everything they do. This is made possible by continuous process improvement, using ARIS as its business process management system. The company is also achieving greater visibility and insights for its IT landscape evolution and optimization by using Alfabet.

                    U.S. Army: Winning enterprise architecture battles

"This we'll defend" has been a motto of the U.S. Army for more than 200 years, and this will be no exception, taking true ownership of the business system portfolio responsible for their operations -- all through ARIS. Read how they achieved transparency and efficiency throughout.

                    Weifu: Keeping cars running with process automation

As a leading manufacturer of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines, it was no secret that process automation was essential to amplifying production of one of China's most prolific mechanical enterprises. Read how ARIS helped them achieve their goals in process management.

                    Australia Post: Lean, mean mail delivery

There's no doubt postal service has to be lean, so why not operational efficiency, too? That was the goal of the Australia Post, needing the key component in ARIS for faster deployment and improved safety compliance. Read more on how the APC reduced risk and improved safety compliance here.

                    Siemens: Accelerating process management

Acceleration has been the name of the game for global tech powerhouse Siemens as for more than 170 years, they've been at the top of the enginerring excellence game. When ARIS came in to elevate their excellence, though, with everything a top-tier player would need to excel.

                    Ayaydin-Miroglio Group: Fashion forward, process-driven

Hundreds of thousands of women rely on this multinational fashion powerhouse to fill their wardrobe with items they love. But underpinning their panache is process excellence. See how ARIS helped drive the brand's growth with operational efficiency.

                    WWE: Powering efficiency with ARIS

For utilities companies, it isn't easy going green. Germany-based Westfalen Weser Energie is no exception. To evolve to meet environmental, investor and consumer demands, the company has had to pivot quickly and focus on operational efficiency using ARIS.

                    Coamo's Digital Transformation with Alfabet for IT Governance

Explore Coamo's journey with Software AG Alfabet, enhancing IT governance and digital strategy for improved services and business agility.

                    Revolutionizing IT Decision-Making: Alfabet's Impact on St.James Place and Akbank

Discover how Alfabet is transforming the way organizations like St. James Place and Akbank make critical IT decisions. With Alfabet, you gain a single source of truth, aligning your IT, business demands, and corporate strategy. Watch the video now to see how Alfabet can empower your IT readiness for any challenge.

                    Vodafone: Building a single source of information with Alfabet

See how Alfabet helps Vodafone Germany maintain compliance, undertake IT transformation projects, manage application lifecycles, and stay on top of data governance.

                    Henkel: Strategic IT portfolio management

Streamlining your IT portfolio so it aligns your IT investments to business strategy can feel like an all-consuming project. But in reality, it can be easy and fast with the right enterprise architecture tool.

                    The value in your IT landscape.

How the NHS released theirs by revamping its IT architecture—increasing productivity by 20% in just 8 weeks.

                    NTT Ltd: Achieve enterprise architecture unity  

How NTT brought 31 companies—and their IT portfolios—under a single roof and became an efficient, agile global industry leader.

                    Generali: An agile IT pioneer

To stay on top of the competitive insurance market in Germany, Generali is doubling down on digital investments that increase transparency. It wouldn't be possible without a central hub to manage the full IT portfolio.

                    Credit Suisse: Continuously improving IT with Alfabet

In 2008, Credit Suisse established a program to continuously improve its application technology. Key to this evolution was to understand and govern its technical products. They used Alfabet to create a single source of truth, combining three repositories into one.

                    A new era of luxury retail with IT portfolio management

As this purveyor of luxury goods grew into a family of brands, so did its IT complexity. It wanted to have complete visibility (and cost savings) across its product lines - and found a way with Alfabet.

                    Leading European bank: Improving process architecture

Renowned for superior advisement in the European sector of finance, this reputable institution made a name in leveraging strengths in wealth management and investing. The organization took it a step further in employing the use of Alfabet to visualize the application landscape for efficiency, insight, compliance and integration.

                    GDRFAD: Making Dubai the 

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai (GDRFAD) sought to provide the very best services to the public, wanting to see all their KPIs on one single dashboard. See how they leveraged the power of ARIS and Alfabet to make that possible.

                    Zimmer Biomet: Getting “a whole new view” of its IT landscape

Zimmer Biomet has never been a company to stand still and management were fast to realize that they needed a change—toward an IT portfolio management solution that would offer complete IT transparency and ultimately drive a nimbler IT strategy.

                    Elevating AWS ProServe with Adabas & Natural: A Path to Cloud Success

Neil Baille, AWS ProServ Consultant, explains how to harness the power of Adabas & Natural on the cloud for mission-critical success.

                    Babel: Modernizing Monolithic Apps with Microservices

Watch how Babel, a Software AG partner, modernizes monolithic applications by refactoring them into microservices, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

                    TASE: Using DevOps and APIs to be a leader in FinTech

Watch how TASE leverages DevOps tools & RESTful APIs to connect Adabas & Natural systems with Java and .NET apps, becoming a leader in FinTech.

                    Eaton: Making what matters work

With sustainable savings and optimized operation, the “zIIPed” mainframe is now a shining example of Eaton’s values in action, making “what matters work.”

                    Dataport’s mainframes are at zIIP speed

Dataport’s mainframes are operating at zIIP speed. Run processes are faster and smoother, and mainframe capacity is managed more efficiently with help from Adabas and Natural for zIIP.

                    Large US State: Connect & innovate its IBM zSystem application

Read how The Office of the Comptroller uses Software AG’s NaturalONE development environment and webMethods EntireX to bring greater flexibility to the team.

                    Europe’s largest private university goes cloud

Migrating to the  cloud—a big project that was sped up by the pandemic—gave Europe’s largest private university the flexibility to scale with demand.

                    MoT: From mainframe to mobile

Going from on-prem to digital isn’t always easy. Yet the Israeli Ministry of Transport (MoT) addressed the digital transformation challenge without sacrificing its reliable IBM Z system and custom application. See how webMethods made it possible.

                    AAFMAA: Investing wisely in digital transformation

No rip and replace for AAFMAA. See how the association leverages core systems without changing code, reduces operational costs by more than 50% and satisfies a new generation of customers.

                    Israeli Ministry of Labor: Faster help for those in need

In times of crisis, there is a need for speed. Yet the Israeli Minisitry of Labor used mainframe applications and paper forms that were taking up to six months to process. The ministry used EntireX to open up the process to anyone with an Internet connection.

                    TASE: Modernizing a stock exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) needs to compete for Israeli companies to IPO at home instead of going abroad to the biggest, most powerful exchanges in the world. They do so with Adabas & Natural, and NaturalONE.

                    Georgia-Pacific: More than just paper savings

Moving from legacy systems to modern, cloud-based ones doesn't happen overnight. And in the meantime, Georgia-Pacific found a way to get information and reporting out of its legacy infrastructure so business can go on - even in times of change.

                    Fabick Cat: Constructing a data warehouse 

When Fabick Cat acquired a new dealership, they needed to marry two legacy systems to keep business running - IBM AS/400 and OpenVMS. They turned to CONNX to make the connection and to connect its data.

                    Delaware Courts: Unlocking the mainframe

In a state where there are more legal entities than people, the court system needs to constantly streamline. Their verdict? Use the reliable legacy systems they can trust, but find a way to make them accessible through an integration platform.

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