Smarter integration—for digital retail

Integrate data from all your IT systems—and enhance your customers’ experiences
The world of retail thrives on data.
In the world of retail, blending brick and mortar with digital and having them work seamlessly together smoothly is crucial for success. While using cloud solutions is important, it can be tough to connect them, especially as many applications still reside on-premise requiring cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premises integrations. Integration plays a pivotal role in an industry where how smoothly things run and how customers feel are so important. Retailers need an integration solution that helps them effortlessly connect their SaaS applications and supercharge their business processes.

                    API-based products and services

Offer a suite of APIs that enable third parties to securely link with your SaaS applications like Salesforce, Marketo, and more. Enable the instant sharing of data for enhanced connectivity and collaboration across your retail ecosystem.   

                    Real-time inventory visibility

Implement agile inventory management practices to enable better decision-making and responsiveness to market changes. Reduce financial risks and increase customer satisfaction. 

                    Omni-channel orchestration

Ensure your customer experience is as seamless as possible. Integrate new technologies, e-commerce platforms, and omnichannel strategies to meet evolving customer expectations. 
The world’s retailers trust webMethods
How webMethods can help

                    Achieve centralized control 

Control a distributed network of integrations—including APIs, SWIFT, and MFT—all from one centralized location. Run complex transactions, simplify compliance, and gain transparency at every step of your operations. 

                    Develop and deploy anywhere

Design, develop, and deploy integrations with ease—and without the need for specialized dev and ops teams from IT. These simplified configurations offer greater agility to connect with your retail ecosystem. 

                    Turn data into opportunities

Analyze actual vs. stated capabilities, monitor real-time performance, and uncover problems before they have an impact. Use built-in lifecycle management to drive significant cost savings—and a better customer experience.
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Integrate anything. Anywhere. Any way you want.
Easily integrate your applications, data, B2B, events and APIs across your entire organization.