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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 98 customer-oriented development of our portfolio. In 2012, we again introduced many new products and transformed relevant trends into practical solutions. Our activities always focus on the customer: Only innovations that provide an obvious business benefit for the customer are successful in the market. Software AG is supporting the trend toward cloud comput- ing with our Cloud Ready strategy for cloud-based solutions, which we debuted in 2012 at the leading ICT fair. A bottom- up, integrated cloud and social networking strategy makes organizations more agile and competitive. At the same time, it paves the way to the completely digital—and effi- cient—enterprise. Cloud computing is the delivery of custom- ized IT resources from a network. In line with CeBIT’s 2012 keynote theme of managing trust, our first objective is to strengthen trust and security in the digital world, ensuring progress and growth for organizations worldwide. Within this framework, Software AG is develop- ing a secure range of products for cloud computing, in which various webMethods products are bundled with solutions from American producer Layer 7 Technologies. Depending on customers’ security needs, they can combine different cloud models—such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud—and procure IT services as cloud services. The flexibility achieved here allows the appropriate use of new and existing cloud products and meets the wide-ranging security needs of industry and public administration. The influence of the four technological megatrends mani- fests itself primarily in BPE with the ARIS, webMethods and Terracotta product families. Development of future business potential is determined largely by the interplay of the four trends: social, mobile, cloud and big data. When we develop market-driven integration and process innovations based on these drivers, we help our custoemers achieve their business results faster. We give them the tools they need to process huge amounts of data in real time and retrieve and distrib- ute it from anywhere, as well as implementing processes that had been impossible in the past. Influence of the four megatrends on BPE developments Increasing digitization and the spread of new technologies are making enterprises more and more efficient while accel- erating processes and making them more complex. In the future, innovations will be pursued in organizations across networks in a globalized world, rather than within individual companies. In this participatory world, speed is the key suc- cess factor. In the long term, only those companies that can quickly adapt to new technologies will be successful. At CeBIT 2012, Software AG demonstrated examples from our R&D lab and presented solutions for the rapid, efficient implementation of new technologies, from cloud and col- laboration to mobility. As an enterprise that focuses on inno- vation, we monitor market developments very closely and seize the opportunities that new technologies present for