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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 100 a larger ARIS user group within a company, ARIS Connect can be used in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastruc- tures. This simplifies the introduction of the system and enhances user acceptance. Thanks to a browser-based “look and feel” user interface, this new version of ARIS is easier to learn and use than previous versions. Its intuitive usability via toolbars shortens the paths between the individual functions, saving users valuable time. It is also much more flexible than previous versions. When business processes are modeled, each activity must be coordinated with the company’s focus and vision and communicated so that the company can always respond with flexibility to changed requirements. ARIS 9.0 delivers results that are relevant to the day-to-day operations of all parties involved, including state-of-the-art analytical func- tionality, dashboard technologies and spreadsheet and simulation functionality. Best practices and PRIME Methodol- ogy ensure rapid value creation. Software AG’s ARIS 9.0 makes a very tangible contribution to knowledge-based companies. ARIS 9.0 combines the four technology trends—social, mobile, cloud and analytics—to accelerate process improve- ments by incorporating more expertise and experience from the company into designing and testing processes. In addi- tion, modern analysis capabilities allow the visual represen- tation of individually selected pieces of business information and KPIs. And it can be used on any mobile device, interac- tively. Improved, cross-product operational analysis and intelligence contribute to further accelerated process improvements. Social networks have profoundly changed the manner in which people connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. Our new ARIS Connect product helps companies use social collaboration to bring about process improvement at the departmental and IT level. ARIS Connect works with a new HTML5-based client technology that provides addi- tional access via smartphones and tablets, so users can col- laborate with each other from anywhere at any time. Social collaboration brings together many different stake- holders involved in a project—all with different roles, skills, expectations and requirements. ARIS 9.0 addresses this role- specific expertise and the individual requirements by provid- ing each stakeholder with the right tool environment, prod- uct view and user interface, as well as the correct information and data. The tool can be adapted to project- specific requirements at all levels—from the metamodel to the configuration of the user interface. To achieve access to