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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 102 Version 9.0 is now tightly integrated with our Terracotta technology, a leading in-memory technology for processing big data; webMethods customers benefit from the technol- ogy’s unique scalability. The local or distributed data caching in webMethods 9.0 offers even higher computing power and fault tolerance. In addition, the new version can process very large XML documents directly in-memory, which increases performance and reduces the complexity of the programming. The market demands access to data in real time as offered by in-memory solutions. Given the rapid increase in business data, companies around the world from all industries are facing the challenge of scaling up their data infrastructure to use the data. The Aberdeen Group’s research into big data has shown that not only were companies with in-memory processing capable of analyzing vast amounts of data in less time than their competitors, but they were also literally orders of magnitude faster. Software AG’s new product webMethods CloudStreams extends our independent and vendor-neutral integration layer, allowing enterprises to easily and efficiently link SaaS applications like and Openair with their in- house applications or other SaaS applications, continuously guiding the integration. This extends the scope of web- Methods’ operation toward public cloud solutions. R&D for the webMethods product family With webMethods, the full potential of new, open architec- tures and existing infrastructures can be fully exhausted, because the software products support closer collaboration between the IT group and other departments. This reduces the time and money spent on process optimization and system integration while increasing productivity. In this area as well, R&D expenditures in fiscal year 2012 focused on the new megatrends in the ICT industry. WebMethods 9.0 reaches milestone in cloud and big data strategy Parallel to ARIS 9.0, we introduced webMethods version 9.0 at ProcessWorld. The expansion of the independent webMethods integration layer places the focus of the new version on consolidating the management of large amounts of data from any data source with automated business pro- cesses and applications, which are provided in various envi- ronments—in the cloud, on mobile devices and internally. Combining in-memory, cloud, mobile and social collaboration technologies gives companies access to huge amounts of data in microseconds and allows the distribution of informa- tion to any end device. Thus, companies can respond quickly and productively to new business opportunities. The efficient management of big data creates unique business potential for companies that they can exploit only if they respond quickly enough. Software AG has taken an important step with webMethods 9.0 to help companies generate real com- petitive advantages and exploit this potential fully.