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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 106 The existing functionality that makes it possible to run Natural applications on multiple system platforms (for example, mainframe, Linux, UNIX and Windows) has been improved so that customers can port their applications to other plat- forms without any changes. In addition to portability, Natural supports the latest IBM mainframe technologies, such as zIIP processors. Our new product zIIP Enabler for Natural helps optimize IT operating costs and was successfully imple- mented in business-critical customer environments in 2012. We have further improved the integration of Natural applica- tions into webMethods. This makes it even easier to inte- grate transactional business logic based on Natural into webMethods SOA and BPM solution scenarios and to mon- itor them centrally with the advanced software webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure. Customers benefit from imple- menting new business processes on the basis of existing applications more quickly. Many customers upgraded their Natural applications in 2012, thereby increasing the sustain- ability and relevance of their business applications. ADABAS developments focused on the areas of perfor- mance, availability, data security and data integration. New administrative tools (DBA tools) allow dynamic adjustment of database parameters and augmentation of the database structures and data containers in operation. In this way, cus- tomers can ensure smooth database operation and respond more quickly to new market or customer requirements. ADABAS’ data integration and data replication capabilities were further expanded so that business data stored in ADA- BAS can be integrated easily into relational databases (such as Oracle and DB2) and data warehouse or webMethods environments. ETS business line—R&D overview The traditional ETS (enterprise transaction systems) business line includes solutions for managing mainframe computers. Its core products—ADABAS, the first high-performance data- base, and Natural—offer companies a platform for develop- ing and operating business-critical applications. For a large customer base made up chiefly of large-scale enterprises, ETS still represents a key technology; it is often business- critical and virtually irreplaceable—from a technological perspective, as well as for efficiency reasons. This business line remains a reliable sales and earnings driver for Software AG and supplies an important and highly profitable foundation for the dynamic, creative development of BPE solutions. It is therefore only logical to continue to develop our ADABAS-Natural database products as custom- izable solutions rather than replacing them with other tech- nologies. We are constantly striving to maintain the ETS products’ leadership role in terms of performance and to integrate ETS with the latest relevant technology trends and developments. In fiscal year 2012, we focused on consistently expanding NaturalONE, the next generation of the Natural develop- ment environment. It allows customers to maintain existing applications with high productivity, modernize them with little effort, and easily implement new modern Web and SOA applications. A number of customers around the world have already successfully implemented NaturalONE. New NaturalONE functions such as automated testing, integration of Web-based dashboards, integrated code quality analysis and support for mainframe tools allow users to implement customer-specific application functionality more quickly.