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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

06 HIGHLIGHTS 08 LETTER FROM THE MANAGEMENT BOARD 12 THE COMPANY 38 SOFTWARE AG SHARE 46 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 58 REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD 68 GROUP MANAGEMENT REPORT 155 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 245 FURTHER INFORMATION 109 Our high degree of networking across divisions and compa- nies helps us promote a spirit of research. We ensure an ongoing, creative exchange with universities, research insti- tutes and think tanks, with standardization committees, trade associations and partner networks, so that we can seize on the latest technology trends in good time. Further- more, it is important to us to always analyze customer needs and incorporate a practical approach into research and devel- opment. This combination guarantees that our ongoing R&D efforts produce innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses and consumers at the right time. And that we develop our competitive advantage in technology over the long term. CUSTOMERS AND SALES Every industry is facing the effects of the profound changes taking place in today’s work environment and driven by four technology megatrends: cloud, mobile, social and big data. From large-scale manufacturing enterprises and public administrations to smaller companies in the services market, everyone must confront the new challenges and adapt their business models and processes accordingly. Software AG recognized these trends early on and is constantly working to translate them into customer-oriented solutions. Our inno- vative products and services are aimed at companies of all sizes from all industries. They help decision-makers and professional users around the world respond more quickly, flexibly and efficiently to changes in the market, thereby engendering competitive advantages. Software AG has con- tinued in 2012 to focus its investments on sales and market- ing, further aligning our own organization with the needs of the customers. In doing so, we concentrated on acquiring new customers and strengthening existing customer rela- tionships. Our multitude of sales-support measures and services are helping us introduce the latest technologies and services from our portfolio as well as inspire customers to use our products more. Our account managers and consultants use their industry experience and best-practice examples to show how the solutions help add value within the enterprise and contribute to achieving business goals. This helps us become an important strategic partner for our customers, leading to greater customer loyalty and more intensive col- laboration. Sales and marketing initiatives As part of the sales and marketing initiative—announced in early 2012—to improve our competitive position in the BPE business environment, we are focusing our investments specifically on markets where strong sales opportunities are emerging. To this end, we have expanded our distribution channels in North America, further developed our sales team in DACH (the German-speaking region consisting of Ger- many, Austria and Switzerland), and significantly strength- ened our presence in Silicon Valley. We combined our forces in California by relocating our Mergers and Acquisitions team and our chief marketing officer there. These measures were intended to put us even closer to the heart of the action in the IT sector, to achieve greater networking with innovative startup companies and to anticipate and exploit future mar- ket potential and product innovations. THE SOFTWARE AG GROUP 69 ECONOMIC CONDITIONS 78 BUSINESS TREND AND ECONOMIC SITUATION 80 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 82 FINANCIAL POSITION 89 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF SOFTWARE AG 92 (PARENT COMPANY) ADDITIONAL EARNINGS-RELATED FACTORS 95 TAKEOVER-RELATED DISCLOSURES 125 REMUNERATION REPORT 127 RISK REPORT 139 EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE 149 FORECAST 151