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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 114 change mount for organizations, demands on their employ- ees and managers increase all the same. The situation is compounded by the long-term shortage of skilled labor in countries like Germany. In light of this situation, Software AG pursues a human resources (HR) strategy aimed at recruiting new, qualified employees while also developing existing members of staff and their talents. We use a holistic development approach that includes all employees—from junior professionals to executive managers. In addition to HR development activi- ties we offer international career opportunities and a work/ life balance. We are continually working to improve our established position as an attractive employer and to create an innovative, performance-based work environment with a wide variety of programs and initiatives. This is how we will keep attracting the best and the brightest professionals. Workforce At the end of 2012 Software AG had a total of 5,419 employ- ees (full-time equivalents) worldwide, in contrast to the 5,535 employees in 2011. In line with our Group’s global operations, these employees’ jobs are spread out over our locations in 70 countries. In the past fiscal year 1,768 people were employed at Software AG in Germany, where our headquarters are located. Our employees are distributed according to functions and regions as follows: Outlook for 2013 In 2013, Software AG will continue to expand our business and work with international partners on vertical process templates and solutions to give customers the tools they need to embrace with major revolutionary technology trends. Specific plans for 2013 that are part of our partner growth strategy include the following: • Recruiting new service and sales partners in all sales regions • Improving local support for service, sales and OEM partners by adding more local partner managers • Expanding education programs for partners through the addition of technology and sales training ses- sions—with a special focus on sales training and Terracotta product training • Substantially increasing incremental sales to custom- ers who are accessed and served primarily by partners EMPLOYEES The IT industry is faster paced than many other market seg- ments. Growing global competition and revolutionary tech- nology trends like cloud computing, social media, the lightening-speed proliferation of mobile devices and big data are accelerating the ongoing and dramatic transformation of the working world. While pressures associated with