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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 118 High-value projects Building on the success of past years, Software AG continued to foster the concept of turning ideas into innovations in 2012—from institutions of higher learning to the market. Based on this approach, we transform research findings into market success through our extended university program known as high-value projects. Through this program, Soft- ware AG helps students and academic institutions develop their ideas and research findings in a practice-oriented man- ner. Software AG considers partnerships the best way to provide students with a variety of options for collaboration and entrance to the workforce. Setting up a virtual economy on campus gives students the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience at no cost. To promote the best, most creative ideas and solutions, we support students with their theses both through subject-related and financial assistance. When we recognize enough potential, we provide seed capital—including founding startup companies. One hundred and ninety-eight projects worldwide have already resulted in more than 50 bachelor’s and master’s theses. The extended University Relations program is currently running in 48 countries. The introduction of our New Hire Sales Boot Camps was a further milestone in the expansion of sales. This intensive training is designed specifically for Software AG to help recently hired sales staff achieve faster success with custom- ers. It is an important element of our onboarding process and will therefore be continued and enhanced in 2013. University Relations A good education is the foundation of innovation. In order to stay successful for the long term, companies in the IT industry depend on creative and skilled employees who can guide customers through their complex business processes. In our search for the best people, we have a simple formula for success: Giving today’s creative, innovative students the best possible education will pay off in the future. Software AG therefore launched its University Relations program in 2007. Through this program, Software AG maintains close contact with colleges and universities worldwide and provides them with software products for teaching and research free of charge. The facts speak clearly for its success: 664 schools have taken part in the University Relations program to date. We completely reorganized our University Relations strategy into three solid pillars in 2012: • High-value projects • The high-volume program • Recruiting