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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 124 and support to non-profit organizations to ensure the sus- tainability and expandability of financed projects. Since its creation, the foundation has financed more than 3,100 proj- ects with a total value of €265 million, thereby promoting self-help initiative in Europe and Brazil. The Software AG Foundation wanted to include others in the area in the experience of getting to know diverse living situations and human concerns through activism for its 20th anniversary. So 20 donors in the city of Darmstadt and the neighboring district were invited to make a financial dona- tion in support of non-profit activities, which the foundation would match. Within six weeks the initiative achieved a success rate of 20 for 20 with a total of €225,000 in funds to benefit charitable projects in the city and its surroundings. which builds a bridge between cutting-edge research and the hands-on market. Software AG advised 13 students through the program in 2012. Ten more will join at the beginning of 2013. Butterfly Camp in Bangalore, India gave employees the chance to take their children work for a day and let them experience a bit of their working environment. Software AG’s support of athletics, for example in the area local to our headquarters, is a confirmation of its commit- ment to Darmstadt and to an important aspect of life in the region. As its primary sponsor, we have been supporting the triathlon department of Darmstadt’s Swim and Water Sport Club since 2011. For the first time in 15 years, Darmstadt hosted the first-division triathlon in June 2012. This was a major athletic event bringing people to Darmstadt in honor of the club’s one-hundredth anniversary. In addition, we renewed our cooperation agreement with third-division soccer team SV Darmstadt 98 until the summer of 2015. Our support is not just for professional soccer, but is also intended to provide financial backing for the sport as a popular rec- reational activity and youth programs. The Software AG Foundation After more than two decades of extraordinarily successful development work, the Software AG Foundation is currently one of the largest foundations in Germany and Software AG’s biggest stockholder. Based on the approach “helping people to help themselves,” the foundation offers funding