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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

13 PIONEER OF PROGRESS The modern world is driven by technology. This is especially true of the IT sector. Developments like the Internet change basically all areas of work and life. Software AG considers itself to be a catalyst to progress. For more than 40 years our Company has stood for innovations that are geared toward benefiting customers. We marketed the first high-performance transactional database, the first platform for business process analysis, the first B2B server and the first SOA-based integration platform. Always with an eye on the future, we adjust our business model according to changes and challenges as they arise. Software AG’s original focus was the field of traditional mainframe products, which even today remain essential for many customers. However, in the wake of advancing digitalization, the ETS line’s volume of business will gradually diminish. We have therefore created a new area of business with BPE that provides dynamic growth and ensures long-term business success. BPM has evolved into Software AG’s largest business line. This expanding future-oriented business accounts for more than half of our global product revenue. SOFTWARE AG PROVIDES AN AGILITY LAYER — THE SWEET SPOT OF THE DIGITAL WORLD WHY INVEST IN SOFTWARE AG? We help organizations become faster and more efficient with our vendor-neutral software and service portfolio for Business Process Excel- lence (BPE). In other words: We enable them to achieve the agility and flexibility needed to react appropriately to changing markets. IT SILOS BUSINESS MODELS · PROCESSES · INTEGRATION/SOA · IN-MEMORY-BIG DATA CHANGE CREATES VALUE