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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

14 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 PRODUCT PORTFOLIO FOR THE DIGITAL ENTERPRISE Software AG’s portfolio currently addresses four technological areas: business processes, integra- tion, big data and transactions. Our brand architecture is clear and to the point: Each specialized product family and respective brand represents one of these areas. PRODUCT-HIGHLIGHTS • ARIS perfects business processes with a solutions portfolio that covers strategy, analysis, design and control • WEBMETHODS facilitates integration of data from existing systems with cutting-edge business processes. • TERRACOTTA focuses on big data, enabling absolute usability of even the largest volumes of data through in-memory technology. • ADABAS-NATURAL Natural delivers high-performance data management and modernization of mainframe-based IT systems. ARIS, webMethods and Terracotta form the BPE portfolio; ADABAS-Natural comprises ETS. Software AG leads a total of 15 market sectors with these product families. Our software solutions allow customers to protect their investments through the use of existing IT systems. Existing infrastructures can stay in place and gain value. BUSINESS PROCESS Process planning and analysis ADABAS·NATURAL High-performance database BIG DATA Big data and in-memory technology INTEGRATION Integration of data ap- plications and digital work flows