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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

15 MARKET LEADERSHIP WITH A FOCUSED STRATEGY We plan to expand our technology leadership to become a global market leader in the medium term. We will do this by pursuing a strategy aimed at profitable growth and a continuous increase in the value of our Company. With customer-centric innovations and partnerships, we will be able to expand our market position to international high-growth markets. Software AG’s growth strategies are long-term. We combine straightforward goals with consistent and fast implementation. The numerous awards we have received for our corporate strategy show that this is the right way. But the best confirmation is our business success. After defin- ing a one-billion-euro-revenue strategy in 2004 for the Software AG Group, we met the target earlier than expected. FOUR FORCES: PROFITING FROM MEGATRENDS We launched our second one-billion-euro-revenue strategy at the beginning of 2013. This one applies explicitly to Business Process Excellence activities. Our target is to grow product revenue in this future-oriented business line to one billion euros by 2018. This means that we will strive to achieve between 16 and 22 percent BPE product growth annually. TRANSFORMATION OF PRODUCT REVENUE DRIVERS BPE PRODUCT REVENUE · ORGANIC GROWTH ......INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGY ......BUSINESS PROCESS MGT, ......CLOUD ......TERRACOTTA/BIG DATA · PARTNER/OEM · M&A/INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES ETS PRODUCT REVENUE €1 BILLION 2006 REVENUE DISTRIBUTION AS % OF TOTAL SALES (MEDIUM TERM) 80% 2012 45% 2018 ~20% 20% 55% ~80% CHANGE CREATES VALUE