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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 182 It is not possible to compute the exact amount of the Group revenue and net income of Software AG attrib- utable to this acquisition since the date of acquisition. However, such amount is not of material significance for the financial position, cash flows or profit or loss of the Group as a whole. A performance-based retrospective purchase price (approximately €4 million) was agreed on with former owners (presently Software AG employees) relating to the acquisition of my-Channels. Pursuant to IFRS 3 it consists of remuneration for future service. Accordingly this future performance-based consideration will not increase the above-listed price. It will be reported as part of personnel expenses over the vesting period. In addition to the consideration paid for my-Channels in the amount of €15,307 thousand (net), consider- ations not yet paid from previous acquisitions in the amount of €2,656 thousand were paid in fiscal 2012. NOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT [5] Total revenue Revenue by segment and region is presented in the segment report in Note [28]. Services revenue Services revenue includes sales of €40,083 thousand (2011: €64,125 thousand), recognized in accordance with the percentage-of-completion method. The status of uncompleted projects recognized under the per- centage-of-completion method as of December 31, 2012 was as follows: in €thousands 2012 2011 Costs accumulated over the term of a (multi-year) project and not yet invoiced 87,179 97,990 Recognized profit (+)/loss (–) 5,904 5,422 Advance payments received 73,149 75,330 Retentions 0 0