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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

19 A work/life balance is becoming more and more im- portant, especially to young employees and applicants. We not only offer flextime scheduling, part-time posi- tions, telecommuting and state-of-the-art IT equipment. We also provide support for our employees in the way of counseling to help them find child and family care (home care for the sickly and elderly) solutions. Fur- thermore, we offer financial and personal accounting advice, athletics and health education as well as coach- ing for all life situations. The foundation of our successful customer-oriented business is understanding cultural dif- ferences and mutual respect. Interaction among our employees and with our customers is based on fundamental values such as trust, open communication and a drive to succeed. True diversity improves motivation and the power to innovate ensuring that individual personalities can be developed to their fullest within our Company. It is only natural to us that qualification- based human resource activities do not depend on culture, gender or nationality. Feedback from our staff members about structures, processes and job dissatisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We therefore conduct broad-reaching employee surveys on a regular basis. The results enable us to better steer the Company, and therefore improve employee motivation, loyalty and productivity for the long term. Little ones get in on the action: An art contest for children of Software AG Spain employees (Madrid) EMPLOYEES