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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 246 Business process management (BPM) The methods, techniques and tools used to design, enact, control and analyze operational business processes involving people, systems, applications, data and organizations. BPE platform The technical component of BPE. The webMethods Suite supports the execution of processes including real-time monitoring and analysis. Cloud The increasing shift of data and application storage to the Internet. Cloud computing Over-the-Internet provision of IT resources and on-demand invoicing. Software AG will offer a comprehen- sive cloud-enabling technology. Software AG’s cloud strategy focuses on business innovations made possible by cloud technologies and driven by the concept of “extreme collaboration.” Complex event processing (CEP) The concept of processing complex data streams. CEP enables the processing and correlating of a large number of events per time unit with low latency and therefore real-time reaction. Software AG’s new CEP solution, webMethods Business Events, was presented at CeBIT 2011. Digital Enterprise The Digital Enterprise of the future plans, implements, controls, and monitors its business processes elec- tronically and end to end. Software AG’s independent process and integration platform for business process excellence enables the highest level of process efficiency, a prerequisite for the Digital Enterprise. With its cloud-enablement technology, Software AG accelerates innovation processes in Digital Enterprises. Enterprise architecture management (EAM) A complete management concept to optimize IT system landscapes. EAM includes the documentation of the current landscape as well as the design and planning of an ideal IT landscape for the future. Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) Software AG business line comprised of the ADABAS and Natural products. With them, Software AG has played an integral role in the IT landscapes of companies and public institutions worldwide for many years. ETS technologies These include database management, application development and mainframe integration.