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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

26 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 The digitization of society is an irreversible trend. The speed at which it is happening is a major challenge for everyone. Organizations, in particular, must continually adapt themselves and their processes accordingly. After all, nothing runs smoothly in the private or public sector without information technology. It serves an interdisciplinary purpose and has become indispensable in nearly every industry. But IT landscapes that have evolved over time are often rigid and cumber- some. They can no longer keep pace with modern-day business processes. Software AG’s products and services enable organizations to design more flexible and transparent IT infrastruc- tures. They allow them to digitally link and optimize their internal processes and thus react more quickly to change, for example, by opening their applications to the Internet. They become more agile. And that is precisely what gives them the decisive lead over the competition. There is hardly any other market that changes faster than ours: information technology. But Software AG has continued setting technological standards over the past four decades: from ADABAS, a high-performance database for mainframes, to webMethods, a software, that har- moniously integrates Web-based services within a service-oriented IT architecture. FOUR TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS ARE SHAKING UP THE CONVENTIONAL BUSI- NESS MODELS OF OUR CUSTOMERS, CHANGING THEM FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND THUS FUELING OUR BUSINESS. MOBILE Mobile communication and mobile Internet use are booming. Mobile data traffic is growing. This is possible thanks to the high-speed connectivity of third-generation mobile telecom- munications standards, affordable prices and user-friendly devices. Smartphones, tablets, note- books and netbooks are being designed specifically with mobile access to data services in mind. Mobile surfing became widely popular with the iPhone if not earlier. It is not limited to just mobile searches for information. Mobile shopping and banking are also becoming more and more common, for example, via applications for mobile devices or “apps.” TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS FUEL FOR DIGITAL ENTERPRISES