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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

CHANGE CHALLENGE CHANCE 27 The result: Companies’ value creation is shifting from stationary to mobile business. If they want to stay competitive, they have to overhaul their business processes and reorient them- selves to different devices and operating systems. Ultimately customers and/or business partners define the communications channel they will use to get in touch. BIG DATA The amount of data—in enterprise applications, websites and social networks—is getting ever vaster. Experts no longer speak in terms of mega- or gigabytes, but of exabytes (one billion gigabytes). And, there is no end in sight. The digitization of all areas of work and life are certain to provide a fresh supply. Conventional methods and tools can no longer handle these volumes adequately, not to mention with the necessary speed. In-memory technology, such as that which we market under the Terracotta brand, alleviates this situation. It enables efficient More than 1,000 interconnected organiza- tions, invoices worth a total volume of several billion Swiss franks and millions of managed documents: Conextrade mar- ketplace handles a vast amount of data. Thanks to a suite of webMethods products, the processes are secure, fast and reliable and can be tracked in a transparent way. This keeps process and labor costs low. SWISSCOM_OPTIMIZED CROSS-ENTERPRISE PROCESSES THE CONEXTRADE B2B MARKETPLACE OPERATED BY SWISSCOM IT SERVICES IS A CROSS- INDUSTRY PLATFORM FOR ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT AND BILLING TRANSACTIONS. FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, WEBMETHODS TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN HELPING BOOST THE EFFICIENCY OF PAPER-FREE PROCESSES.