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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

28 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 management of large and, above all, unstructured data and direct access to data stored in the main memory (cache). That makes data access up to 1,000 times faster than with databases. Organizations using this technology get information faster, which can work to their advantage. For example, mobile telecommunications companies can send customers their current charges in real time. Or credit card companies can inform a corporate customer within seconds of a transaction how high the risk of fraud is. CLOUD The number of organizations that run their own computing centers is shrinking. Instead they are moving their internal data and applications to external providers. They get their IT from an electrical outlet over the Internet. Or, as we say, from the cloud. The advantage: They pay only for actual consumption—Software as a Service. This gives them enormous flexibility. Software AG’s products and solutions are designed to support the interplay of applications in an organiz- tion’s local infrastructure and applications stored in the cloud. A monitoring solution based on ARIS enables the publisher to keep track of its sales processes at all times including outsourced warehouse operations and print-on-demand machines. It also offers the option to conduct performance evaluations. A chance for higher quality. SPRINGER_BUSINESS CONTROL WITH PROCESS KPIs CRYSTAL-CLEAR TRANSPARENCY WITH ON-DEMAND KPIs. AT SPRINGER PUBLISHING HOUSE, DIRECT ACCESS TO SAP DATA IS REPLACING CONVENTIONAL EXCEL SPREADSHEETS.