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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

CHANGE CHALLENGE CHANCE 29 SOCIAL COLLABORATION Sharing knowledge, giving recommendations, collaborating on ideas and moving decisions forward—an ever growing number of people in the private domain use social networks for these activities. Companies as well have recognized that there are a host of advantages to promoting interactive collaboration and pooling knowledge among employees. With the help of IT, specialists from different departments—R&D, marketing, sales and customer service—can all be involved in the enhancement of a product. This improves quality and speeds up control and approval processes. The company saves time and money thereby strengthening its com- petitiveness. The fact that Software AG’s products have mastered this is illustrated not only by customer projects but also by the ARIS Community. With more than 100,000 members, it is the largest collaboration network for business process management in the world. Individuals, com- panies and academic institutions engage in expert-level discussions and collaboration on specialist subjects. Software AG’s total integration solutions play a key role in process automation by enabling transparent and flexible coordination of new and existing processes. LOGISTICS_ FASTER REACTIONS TO CUSTOMER NEEDS A MULTINATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LINKS ITS BUSINESS UNITS’ IT SYSTEMS THROUGH A COMMON PROCESS PLATFORM.